OWL: Vegas Eternal Reveal Official Rebrand

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OWL: Vegas Eternal Reveal Official Rebrand

The first team rebrand in the Overwatch League comes with the 2023 season.

The Vegas Eternal, formerly Paris Eternal, kick in their soft rebrand with a new city and new vibe.

Vegas Eternal

It is the closest thing we've seen to a rebrand yet. Yes, teams like the Los Angeles Valiant and Florida Mayhem have changed their colors and/or aesthetic in the past. A locational move is an entirely new concept for the league though! Leaving London as the lone EU team once again, the Eternal have set out of Paris for Las Vegas, Nevada, adding to the long list of United States teams. This move will likely make it easier for the Eternal to host events for fans, host homestands, and travel to homestands hosted by other teams. It may even hint at more live events coming to Overwatch League in the near future!

The Eternal may be keeping their logo and color scheme from what we can see, but seeing as they feature their red, orange, and yellow logo on a black background in their video, its possible that the blue may be removed from their kit all together. It would be a great reflection of the new city with a more dry look that symbolically reflects the similarly dry colored lights that come off of the Las Vegan hotels and casinos at night.

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Paris to Vegas is certainly a hard aesthetic change to make, but based on the video premiering the new style, they are fully embracing their new home. They come from the rich culture of the one and only Paris, to a much grittier an independent Las Vegas style. With their current roster already being fully American, its easy to infer that this will be much better for work structure between organization and team. Los Angeles no longer has a monopoly over West Coast Overwatch in the United States.

OWL: Vegas Eternal Reveal Official Rebrand
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