OWL: Vancouver Titans Solidify Full Starting Five

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OWL: Vancouver Titans Solidify Full Starting Five

The Vancouver Titans have a mixed starting five to build on.

Proven, unproven, and successful players make up the Vancouver Titans 2023 roster.


Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist is currently Vancouver's only Tank player. While most teams need a Main Tank and Off-Tank, Punk has shown in the past that he can take up any hero within either of these roles. He's never been on a very successful roster, and is typically labeled as a mid-tier Tank player. Truthfully that label isn't undeserved. He hasn't wowed the league in any way, and with Vancouver's weak showing the last few years, this concerns fans. Even the most frontline player isn't one that has the trust or history that the masses would love to see. Punk will have a lot to prove, given casters and analysts have all appraised him as a player with plenty of potential that has gone yet unproven.


With one of the first Rookie signings of the 2023 season, the Vancouver Titans add Kamden “Sugarfree” Hijada to their DPS line alongside Luka “Aspire” Rolovic. Aspire has proven time and time again that he will go above and beyond, no matter how helpless the team, to carry from the front. Sugarfree has shown his talent in Contenders, having played for OWL Academy teams for the last few years up until now. He's obviously unproven against current Overwatch League talent, but it won't be long until we see just how well he holds up to them. It will be hard to outshine Aspire, one of the best solo players in the league, but if he's up to the challenge, the DPS line alone could be the real saving grace for this Vancouver team that has been so desperate for stars the last few years.

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While William “Crimzo” Hernandez and Hong-gyu “Faith” Kim are both talented enough Support players in their own right, they've never been the kind of highly acclaimed players that Vancouver has been desperate for the last few years. Their experience and decent renown are something to build on for sure, but complete confidence in this backline is not yet there. Thankfully the two have already been teammates together on Boston, so chemistry already exists. Sadly, Boston didn't have the best showing in 2022, so once again, this isn't top tier coverage on a role as we see it now.

2023 Vancouver Titans

This five man squad very well may be the starting lineup of the 2023 Vancouver Titans. With the Korean All-Stars that the other teams are shaping out with, it's tough to say Vancouver are going to turn it around and become a top team. Lots of uncertain talent makes up the roster, making the team quite unpredictable. Still, at least one more player needs to be signed to the roster before the season begins, so maybe another star player or two can change the look for the team. Or maybe, just maybe, these players really were the strongest on their team and they'll show what they can do when enabled to play at full capacity.

OWL: Vancouver Titans Solidify Full Starting Five
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