OWL: Toronto Defiant Announce 2023 Roster

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OWL: Toronto Defiant Announce 2023 Roster

Toronto Defiant puts the pieces of American Tornado back together.

Can a dominant Contenders team find success two years later in the Overwatch League?


  • Colin “Coluge” Arai

Coluge was the front man and leader of the 2022 San Francisco Shock. When San Francisco was looking for their new Matthew “super” DeLisi, Coluge stepped up to the plate as a strong personality and strong player. Between his consistently high level gameplay, strong leadership, and rivalry with Corey “Reiner” Scoda, Coluge was both a player and personality that every team strives to have. On almost any team, you would want to have a secondary Tank player to make up for the roles your other Tank can't cover, but that certainly isn't the case when Coluge is on your roster. Even a team of rookies could intimidate other teams with Coluge in the front line.


  • Isaiah “Hydron” Rodriguez

The highlight player of the 2022 Florida Mayhem. Hydron was one of the early standout players in the 2022 season, being one of the first players to be well known for his Sojourn skills. The Mayhem roster certainly improved over the season, but Hydron was consistently great from the very beginning of the season, all the way to the end. With Hitscan getting stronger in the most recent patches to Overwatch 2, having such a talented dedicated Hitscan DPS is a very important coverage.

  • Samuel “s9mm” Santos
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Unfortunately s9mm didn't see much play for the San Francisco Shock in the 2022 season. Still, early on he showed that he was just as talented as the rest of his record setting team. Strangely, he is yet again on a team where he will have to compete for his position against another teammate in Speedily.

  • Nicholas “Speedily” Zou

Speedily had a decent showing in the 2022 season with the Atlanta Reign. As good as he is, he didn't quite have to team to perform as well as fans thought he would. This season may be his opportunity to prove he's not just a talented player on his own, but a Championship contender on the right team. That is of course if he is able to take the starting role in the Flex DPS position.


  • Christian “Ojee” Han

One half of one of the best Support duos ever in the Overwatch League. Ojee is the backbone of the Support duo made up by him and UltraViolet. Without a sturdy Main Support, the Flex Support can't do their job without distrubances. Ojee is such a great enabler for his Flex Support players that no matter which of the two he ends up paired with more this season, they are bound to prosper.

  • Benjamin “UltraViolet” David

If Support were a carry position, UltraViolet and Ojee may have just led Atlanta to a great playoff run in 2022. Sadly, even the best Support line can't provide wins for a team who's other members don't quite hold up to the mirrored position on their opponent's side. This season, the 2022 Atlanta duo will have a great group of players to work with, and will show just how well they can enable a team of stars.

  • Majed “SirMajed” Alrashied
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With Ojee and UltraViolet already having experience together, some may ask why SirMajed is also part of this Support line. Well, double Flex Support has been part of multiple metas in the Overwatch League, and it is extremely likely that we could even go a full Stage seeing UltraViolet and SirMajed in the starting lineup together. The fact the Toronto has not just one, but two underappreciated Flex Support players gives them not just depth, but extreme reliability.

2023 Toronto Defiant

If somebody had proposed a merge between the 2022 Florida Mayhem and Atlanta Reign, not many people would think of that team as coming out too hot. Somehow, the Defiant have managed to take all the best pieces of those teams, and stick them together behind an absolute beast in Coluge to make a really formidable looking team. Toronto's image this season will be one of players that proved themselves, and are getting an opportunity to play at their best possibly level to show that they're worthy of glory.

OWL: Toronto Defiant Announce 2023 Roster
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