OWL: Toronto Defiant Although and Heesu Summer Showdown Postgame Interview 9/9/22

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OWL: Toronto Defiant Although and Heesu Summer Showdown Postgame Interview 9/9/22

Postgame interview with both Tornonto Defiant DPS Although and Heesu.

Toronto manage to finally pick up a victory in front of their home crowd. They now have a bit of a more set path ahead of them.

Toronto Defiant 3-1 Washington Justice

Heesu when I talked to you a couple of weeks ago, you said that Toronto Defiant is one of, if not the best team in this meta for this stage. Now that you've seen everybody at their top level playing in this tournament, where do you think you guys stand? Do you think you could still stand at the top at the end of all this?

Heesu: “I know we are in the loser's bracket after yesterday's loss, but I still think that we are the very team that could win this tournament this season, because a lot of teams are coming up with plays that are based on our own plays that was showcased to our opponents in our scrims. Its not bad that they follow us because every other team will do that throughout the season. The difference is that they are catching up with what we we've built already, but we are currently above that. We just have to perform our best to prove that we are the best.

Although, I wanna know what your opinion is or what your thoughts are after seeing everybody at their top level in this tournament. In order to win this tournament you would have to go against all of the top three teams that placed ahead of you guys in the stage. Next would be the Houston Outlaws, then Dallas or Shock, and in the end it would be whoever is left between Dallas and Shock. Which of those teams do you think would be the biggest hurdle to getting this stage title?

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Although: “I would say Shock would be the toughest out of the three. There are more than three players that I actually evaluate pretty high. Of course it includes the very renowned player Proper, he's someone definitely to watch out for as he is considered to be one of the very best players in the league right now. That doesn't mean I won't be able to match up to him, all I'm saying is that Shock is more difficult that other teams, but are still beatable.”

For any of you on the management staff, the players have been talking so much about how nervous they are and how their life is “doomed” if they don't win and all these crazy things. They're very nervous about going into this tournament. What is it like having to manage all the players in their hometown in front of so many fans that are relying on them to win.

Stella: “That pressure is on my shoulders a lot, probably more than they actually do to be honest. It is the very first homestand that is being hosted in Toronto so I think that means a lot. We do have very experienced players like Hotba and Twilight who were used to such a crowd, but we also have rookies like CH0R0NG and and Finale joining the league for the very first time. There is definitely pressure on our shoulders, but I think our staff is really working on how to build that up into excitement and then encouraging themselves into being more competitive throughout the tournament.”

Losers Round 1

Coming off of a first round loss was excruciating for the home team. Getting to defeat Washington though seemed to light a fire under them, and they were now looking ahead at the top teams to see how they could make it to a stage win in front of their home crowd. They went from a disappointing loss to London Spitfire, to the crowd going crazy for them in a victory over the Washington Justice. Still though, the strongest teams were ahead of them, and they'd have to overcome all of them to prove their placement.

OWL: Toronto Defiant Although and Heesu Summer Showdown Postgame Interview 9/9/22
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