OWL: Seoul Dynasty Release SeonJun

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OWL: Seoul Dynasty Release SeonJun

Only a month after signing to the team, SeonJun parts ways with the Seoul Dynasty.

After making a pretty good impression on the league, Seoul Dynasty have, for some reason, decided SeonJun isn't the right fit for the team longterm.


Seon-jun “SeonJun” Park joined the Seoul Dynasty just at the beginning of the Midseason Madness Qualifiers East. Filling Junyoung “Profit” Park's spot when he decided to begin his hiatus, SeonJun made a quick impression on the league by outperforming DPS teammate Hyun-been “Prophet” Kim. Due to him only filling a spot for Profit's hiatus, it's likely that he only had a month long contract and didn't have long term plans with the team. Even so, his quick good impression might put him on the map to fill the role of a weaker DPS player in the league on a decent team. Though he's not signed to a team for the moment, we will likely and hopefully see him playing in the Overwatch League again soon.

Seoul Dynasty

Including Profit, Seoul Dynasty have enough players for a full time of 5 along with an extra Tank player. If Seoul Dynasty don't sign another DPS player soon, then it is more than likely that Profit will be returning when the regular season resumes. The replacement for Prophet and SeonJun is Ji-han “Ezhan” Lee. After making a great impact with Dreamers during the Midseason Madness Qualifiers East, all fans are sure that Ezhan is going to be a great duo by the side of Profit to hopefully raise the team up to where many believe they can be in the East Division.

OWL: Seoul Dynasty Release SeonJun
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