OWL: Seoul Dynasty Pick Up Ezhan

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OWL: Seoul Dynasty Pick Up Ezhan

In one of the first roster moves of the year, Seoul Dynasty choose to pick up Ezhan from the Contenders team Dreamers.

After a fantastic performance in the Midseason Madness East Qualifiers, Ezhan will get another shot at the Overwatch League.


Ji-han “Ezhan” Li isn't starting his first run in the Overwatch League. He spent the entire 2022 season on a slowly improving Los Angeles Valiant roster. This year however, playing with Dreamers in Contenders, Ezhan showed that he's one of the star players to come out of that Valiant roster. Most of Dreamers' gameplay was around encouraging namesake player Sang-lok “Dreamer” Song. Even with most gameplans revolving around him, Ezhan still managed to make himself seen by all, impressing all with his high octane DPS gameplay. He's not the first pickup for Seoul this season, in fact not even their first DPS pickup. It was certainly a weak point of theirs, and Ezhan very well could be the answer to rounding out their team.

Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty have been looking to stabilize their DPS line for a few weeks now. First there was Hyun-been “Prophet” Kim's less than stellar start to the season, failing to impress on characters like Sojourn that he was supposed to be strongest on. Proceeding the addition of Ezhan to the roster, Seoul Dynasty announced the release of Prophet.

Before staring the Midseason Madness East Qualification, Junyung “Profit” Park announced a hiatus from competitive play, though not taking full leave from the team. Even so, he took very little time off before returning to play in the tournament. While he was on very short hiatus though, Seon-jun “SeonJun” Park was added to the roster in his stead. He has already showed up in a big way, showing individual prowess on the role he was assigned. With the trio of Ezhan, Profit, and SeonJun together on the DPS line, Dynasty may finally have their gaps filled. If they can get group cohesion out of these changes, they should be set to turn things around for their luck so far this season.

OWL: Seoul Dynasty Pick Up Ezhan
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