OWL: San Francisco Shock Proper and Coluge Summer Showdown Postgame Interview 9/8/22

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OWL: San Francisco Shock Proper and Coluge Summer Showdown Postgame Interview 9/8/22

Proper and Coluge chat after their victory over the Vancouver TItans.

Even with the Vancouver Titans in the best state they've been in years, the Shock still pull out a pretty heavy win.

San Francisco Shock 3-1 Vancouver Titans

You guys, in Week Four, went against the Vancouver Titans. That game ended 3-1, you guys won. Week Nine against the Vancouver Titans again, 3-0 victory. You came in and 3-1 defeated them again, but this time you're saying they're one of the top four teams so what is it about them now, even though you're winning by the same margin, that makes them seem better to you?

Coluge: “Mainly their teamwork style, and I think Aspire might be one of the best Sojourns in the game. So I feel like that definitely helps out a little bit. They have the players for this meta too. They have Aztec on the Brig, he's really good at Brig, and then Maasa on Lucio. So I feel like it's kinda just like one of their metas, and if they get their nerves under control I think they'll be really good.”

Speaking of Aspire and some of these other Sojourn players that are really making a name for themselves, so many people are talking about Rookie of the Year and MVP, and your name (Proper) is getting tossed around more than anyone. How do you think its going for you? How close do you think you are to getting those titles?

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Proper: “My expectation/goal for this season coming in as a rookie was going for the Rookie of the Year award, but now that that I've heard so many people throw around the conversation of MVP I'm striving to hit that. I really want to get MVP and Rookie of the Year.”

Round 1

Both players seem to have a focus on the individual performance of DPS players. In a meta where AOE healing in constant, these DPS players have all eyes on them to execute eliminations quickly. Now that we're in the second half of the season, players like Proper and Aspire will have all eyes on them as we near those MVP and Rookie of the Year awards. Proper isn't only performing well for his team, he's focusing on his own successes too.