OWL: Player Highlight Diya

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OWL: Player Highlight Diya

Legendary Hitscan player returning to the Eastern Division.

After sporting the worst season in Overwatch League history, the LA Valiant decided to get serious. Their most valuable addition to the team so far is Weida “Diya” Lu. The former Hitscan DPS player for the Shanghai Dragons is returning to the league after a year long hiatus.

Valiant's New Star

Releasing a roster of rookies, Valiant have already improved in 2022 by signing Diya. Not only is has he won three stage championships, but he's also a Contenders China champion, and Contenders Gauntlet champion. Diya is one of the inaugural Dragons players, and was a major part in their rise to stage championships. He's already been through a last place team's rebuild, and the Valiant may rely heavily on that experience. That being said, we have yet to see what a year out of the scene has done to him.

It's entirely possible that Diya will not come into 2022 as the same player he was in 2020. While skill deterioration is a factor for consideration, this may be the best time to return. Overwatch 2 is going to push back everybody's skills to a certain extent, leaving players like Diya an opening to be on par with the current veteran players.

Role Call

The Valiant are the only team who haven't announced at least a full starting roster at this point. Not only do they need a Tank player; they currently only have one Support as well. Despite this, they already have four players, three of which are DPS players. Diya being the only experienced Overwatch League player means he'll likely be on the starting roster. More than just a player, Diya could be seen working as a Captain, DPS coach, or in-game leader. Hopefully Valiant are able to round out their roster soon enough, or Diya may have a tough road ahead of him as a team leader who hasn't worked long with his team.

OWL: Player Highlight Diya
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