OWL: London Spitfire Hadi and SparkR Summer Showdown Postgame Interview 9/8/22

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OWL: London Spitfire Hadi and SparkR Summer Showdown Postgame Interview 9/8/22

Hadi and SparkR join us following their match with the Toronto Defiant.

After a first Winner's Bracket victory, the Spitfire will come up against the #1 seed Dallas Fuel.

London Spitfire 3-1 Toronto Defiant

So next up you guys have the Dallas Fuel which is the number one seed in this tournament. How are you feeling after seeing how they performed against the Washington Justice?

Hadi: I think we're feeling really good, because you can see they were really shaky, they had to reverse sweep. We think we can do really good. We got some confidence now. Some experience on the LAN. Feeling confident.”

SparkR: “I mean they got two-o'ed in the beginning so they don't look like the strongest team right now, at least under the nerves of LAN. I think we can win that.

SparkR, you were awarded Player of the Match for today's match, do you think there was anything in particular that earned you that placement?

SparkR: “My railguns. Just hit enough railguns and you'll get player of the match.”

Hadi: “That's a classic.”

Round 1

After defeating Toronto at their own LAN in the first round of the Summer Showdown bracket, Hadi and SparkR were both feeling pretty confident in their ability to take down the #1 seed in the next round. That being said, Dallas wasn't too disappointed in their first performance and felt that they'd shaken off all the rust with that close match. Defeating Toronto who were one seed above them, and the Dallas Fuel who went undefeated in the stage, were going to be two very different tasks.