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Joseph Downey
Joseph is Production Director and Writer with experience in the esports field. He has coached Overwatch teams in North American and Pacific Contenders, and has been an avid esports fan for years now. Outside of esports and media, he is a Business major based out of Virginia, USA.

OWL: Houston Outlaws Lastro and Danteh Summer Showdown Postgame Interview 9/8/22


Lastro and Danteh join us following their match with the Florida Mayhem.

After succeeding in the first round of the winners bracket, the Houston Outlaws look towards the top teams in the stage.

Houston Outlaws 3-0 Florida Mayhem

You guys have San Francisco Shock next as has been mentioned already. San Francisco Shock, with the name, people get scared to hear that. Do you consider San Francisco Shock or Dallas Fuel to be the bigger threat in this tournament?

Danteh: “I think they play really different styles. Personally I feel more comfortable against Shock's style. I think our team does well against teams that play like that. So I think Shock looks easier right now, or less scary.”

Lastro, Toronto was your home team previously to being on Houston Outlaws. How do you feel being in front of all these Toronto fans with them not cheering you on as the hometown hero?

Lastro: “I don't necessarily fell much, but when I beat Toronto compared to other teams, I fell really, really good. When I lose against Toronto it feels like s**t.”

Round 1

Luckily for Lastro, he won't have to worry about how he'll feel against Toronto, because their next opponent in the bracket would be the San Francisco Shock. Facing the #2 seed team in the tournament is tough for even a #1 seeded team, so the hopes on the team were likely on the side of Danteh, believing they would be able to play better into Sock's style.

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