OWL: Florida Mayhem Pick Up MER1T

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OWL: Florida Mayhem Pick Up MER1T

Florida trade one 2022 Rookie of the Year candidate for another.

Tae-min “MER1T” Choi becomes the highlight of the Florida Mayhem roster so far.

Tae-min “MER1T” Choi

MER1T made a name for himself in the league on the first day of his rookie season. All eyes were supposed to be on his Houston Outlaws DPS duo, the man coming of a Rookie of the Year season, Se-hyun “Pelican” Oh. MER1T refused to be just a contribution though. He battled Pelican for 4K and 5K fights, dominating match after match, especially when it came to playing Sojourn. With the Florida Mayhem dropping Isaiah “Hydron” Rodriguez, they put themselves in a tough position for replacing him. Who better than a Korean mirror of him, a 2022 rookie who specializes in making Sojourn highlight reels.

Not all is bright and shiny though. Most would consider this a downgrade for MER1T himself, with the Houston Outlaws coming off of maybe their best season ever. Florida performed well, having a highlight stage in the Summer Showdown, but it still isn't quite the same. MER1T will, as of now, be needing to make many individual plays to push Florida over the edge.

Florida Mayhem

The roster is just about fully filled out, and the Mayhem aren't looking too far from their 2022 form. With one veteran on each role on the team, Florida looks to improve on what went well. They have opted for proven talent from the league over Contenders drafts, making them look a bit closer to a Korean powerhouse. Still, the roster will be mixed in for Florida's 2023 season making them one of fewer and fewer teams each season that roster a Western player or two. In an ever increasingly competitive region, the Florida Mayhem teeter on the edge of really being able to compete for a top spot, similarly to last season.

OWL: Florida Mayhem Pick Up MER1T
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