OWL: Fearless Signs to Houston Outlaws

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OWL: Fearless Signs to Houston Outlaws

2022 Overwatch League Grand Finals MVP Eui-Seok “Fearless” Lee swaps Texas cities.

From Dallas to Houston, Fearless continues to be a major player in the league.

Eui-seok “Fearless” Lee

Fearless is not only a Dallas fan favorite, but the Grand Finals MVP of the 2022 season. He's become such a staple of the Dallas Fuel that it's hard to imagine the team without him, or him without the team. Even so, it's a fact of life that Fearless will be in green, black, and white next season, rather than the blues he's so known for. He's one of the most accomplished Tank players ever, and the Outlaws clearly have their sights set on a team comprised only of stars.

Fearless is famously a Main Tank player, having had Han-been “Hanbin” Choi as his Off-Tank player by his side or filling in for Off-Tank metas in Overwatch 2. He's going to need another Hanbin at his back to swap with him throughout the year. As great as Fearless is, he can't do it alone.

Houston Outlaws

The roster is likely barely even halfway complete, but the Houston Outlaws are looking good so far. They are certainly at a Tank deficit despite one of the best Main Tank pickups a team could ask for, but with the way the team looks so far, they seem to be going all in on their talent selections. The roster is stacked as it is, and whether the pause in pickups means they don't have anybody else signed yet, or they plan on having a Contenders pickup period, the staff art doing wonders in team building.

OWL: Fearless Signs to Houston Outlaws
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