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Joseph Downey
Joseph is Production Director and Writer with experience in the esports field. He has coached Overwatch teams in North American and Pacific Contenders, and has been an avid esports fan for years now. Outside of esports and media, he is a Business major based out of Virginia, USA.

OWL: Dallas Fuel Hanbin and Edison Summer Showdown Postgame Interview 9/8/22

Dallas Fuel Overwatch League Summer Showdown

Hanbin and Edison fill us in of their close match win with the Washington Justice.

Before making their upper bracket run, Dallas Fuel Tank Hanbin and DPS Edison talked with us about their closest match scoreline of the tournament.

Dallas Fuel 3-2 Washington Justice

Was there any kind of strategy change going from your Control map on map one, where the Washington Justice were able to take a win? Did you change your strategy at all going into game five for your second control map?

Hanbin: “I'm not sure if there's a distinct strategy that was used differently between map one and five, but I guess from the outside the distinct difference is that we used Sojourn instead of Ashe. I'm not sure if the rest of my team will agree, but I believe that there are pros and cons for each hero and I don't personally see any difference in these two heroes. I think in the end it was that we were able to play out the way we were supposed to and play the way we normally do and make sure that the enemy can't really counter the way we play.

Round 1

With Dallas heading the Winner's Bracket Round 2 there were a lot of questions about their ability to perform. They had just barely taken the series against the #7 seed team right at the beginning of the tournament. They still seemed confident in their abilities, so many assumed that it was simply a nervousness to compete at LAN that they would soon settle into.

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