OWL: Chengzhi “Molly” He Joins Guangzhou Charge

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OWL: Chengzhi “Molly” He Joins Guangzhou Charge

Rounding Out Guangzhou's Backline.

The Guangzhou Charge have made a valuable pickup in for Shanghai Dragon Chengzhi “Molly” Lee. The 2021 Overwatch League champion gives the Charge a Flex Support to join their Main Support Dong-hyun “Unique” Lee. Molly is likely choosing to join Guangzhou for the greater likelihood of playtime on the team. In 2021 with the Dragons, Molly accumulated less than 90 minutes of total playtime for the season. Being one of two supports in Guangzhou, he's guaranteed a full season of playtime if the roster stays the same. Being that he is the solo Flex Support of the team, it looks as if Guangzhou is steering away from the double Flex Support roster that many teams are building.

Guangzhou's hometown bond

Guangzhou pointed out in their announcement tweet that Molly would “strengthen” their “hometown bond”. A reference to the Chinese team being comprised of mostly Korean players. Molly and star DPS Yiliang “Eileen” Ou are the only Chinese players on the team. Making it a 2 to 5 Chinese to Korean player ratio on the Chinese team. This of course could effect what team Chinese fans choose to support; which is bad for marketing. By picking up Molly and former Dragons teammate Rak-hoon “Develop” Chae, the Charge seem to want to boost their brand with players from within China — as well as players from China's most supported team.

As previously mentioned, this is now the second 2021 Shanghai Dragon player that Guangzhou has picked up. Both Molly, and teammate Develop were lesser played players on the Dragons in 2021. People are now beginning to look at Guangzhou like a kind of Dragon's Academy team as their roster shapes out. That being said, Guangzhou fan favorites and OGs like Eileen and Seungpyo “Rio” Oh are still with the team this season. Molly has much to prove this season, and is likely prepped to show the world that he isn't a substitute player.

OWL: Chengzhi “Molly” He Joins Guangzhou Charge
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