OWL: Bren and Sideshow Not Returning for 2022 Season

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OWL: Bren and Sideshow Not Returning for 2022 Season

Missing the Funny Bone.

Brennon “Bren” Hook and Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson have announced via Twitter that they will not be casting the Overwatch League in 2022. The casting duo is famous for their ability to fill time with spontaneous jokes and entertainment due to their real world friendship. The two both started their casting careers with Team Fortress 2. They have since called the Overwatch League home since its inception four years ago. It's no wonder why these two hit it off so well and became friends outside of the casting workplace.

Not only do they work in the Overwatch League together, but they even bring the Overwatch League out into their personal lives. The two are co-hosts on “Plat-Chat”, a podcast centered around Overwatch, and as of lately, Valorant. With the off-season focus on Valorant, it begs the question of whether that scene is next for the two UK hailing casters to call home. In Sideshow's thread, he mentions that he and Bren plan to continue working in esports broadcast, meaning fans will still be able to follow them.

These two entertaining talents, and talented entertainers, will surely bring light to whatever scene they end up in next. They have paved the way for Overwatch League casting duos to succeed, being prime examples of how to preform on the mic.

OWL: Bren and Sideshow Not Returning for 2022 Season
Joseph Shay
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