OWL: Atlanta Reign Win Midseason Madness

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OWL: Atlanta Reign Win Midseason Madness

After dominating the first half of the season, the undefeated Atlanta Reign win the Midseason Madness tournament.

Whether it was their prime meta, their teamwork, or their individual skill, Atlanta Reign are clearly the best so far this year.

Midseason Madness Champions: Atlanta Reign

With one of the most dominant early seasons of all time, it's no surprise that the Atlanta Reign came out on top of the entire league in the first tournament. Of course, with every victory comes its realizations. During this tournament, Atlanta Reign came very close to taking a loss or two. While they are undoubtedly the best right now, there are still questions raised, and for the first time there are visible cracks in the armor. So where do they go from here?

Midseason Madness Trophy

Houston Outlaws tried to cut through Atlanta Reign multiple times this weekend, and through the process opened up some weaknesses. When forced to play the Brawl compositions, Atlanta looked no better than the lowest level Overwatch League teams. Yet, when able to play the Sombra/Tracer Dive, Atlanta Reign look like one of the best teams we've ever seen. This exposed point now leaves a lot of work to be done for the rest of the season, on a new patch with a likely new meta. Teams will be working to open up those weaknesses and exploit them as soon as possible.

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What Atlanta have to do from this point forward is shift their focus away from their dominance, and start over. They have to train up on the new meta to rise to the point the were in the Midseason Madness. They've done it once, they can absolutely do it again. It's very exciting to see how long they can carry this dominance through the rest of the season.

Rest of the Season

The Overwatch League will return for the second half of the season after a short break. The date of return is unspecified on the schedule webpage at the moment, but will be updated soon. Be sure to check back in to stay informed on where the rest of the season will go!

OWL: Atlanta Reign Win Midseason Madness
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