OWL: Atlanta Reign Pick Up WizardHyeong

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OWL: Atlanta Reign Pick Up WizardHyeong

One of the best coaches ever, WizardHyeong, joins his fourth team for his fifth season.

Hyeong-sook “WizardHyeong” Kim joins the Atlanta Reign after his second season with the Seoul Dynasty.

Hyeong-sook “WizardHyeong” Kim

Former coach of the New York Excelsior, Washington Justice, and Seoul Dynasty now makes his way back to the Western region to join the Atlanta Reign. Holding one of the best coaching records in the league, WizardHyeong is a huge mind to have on your side. His role as a coach has not always been so transparent in the past, and his exact talents only became known when he joined the Seoul Dynasty as their Head of Strategy and Data Coach. This means he likely performs the duties of both an analyst and a coach at the same time, teaching players how they can apply trends to their gameplay. This allows a team to play to what their good at and also know their areas of improvement, and all that application comes from the same coach that analyses the information.

WizardHyeong is the only coach a team really needs, but he'll be joining for Atlanta Reign Tank player Blake “Gator” Scott, who will be (for some reason) the Head Coach in his first season coaching an Overwatch League team. It is going to help Gator get a huge jumpstart to his coaching career by learning from one of the best, most experienced Overwatch League coaches.

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Atlanta Reign

We already saw Atlanta Reign's roster being built up in a quite prosperous way this offseason. The roster so far has nothing but stars making this coaching addition the well-rounded investment that the Reign needed. Likely only having a few more additions to come, the Reign are looking like a fully bolstered team for the 2023 season. It may be wise for other teams in the Western region to build similar styles of mixed rosters, as bringing the best talent from East and West together eliminates any restrictions or excuses for why a team's roster isn't fully rounded out with the best talent in the league.

OWL: Atlanta Reign Pick Up WizardHyeong
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