OWL 2023 Power Rankings – #19 Vegas Eternal

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OWL 2023 Power Rankings – #19 Vegas Eternal

Once again the Vegas Eternal seem to have nothing special to bring to the table.

As a team full of old Contenders stars, Vegas can't even keep up with modern Contenders teams.

Vegas Eternal 1

Vegas Eternal 2023 Roster

Vegas Eternal look fairly similar to last year's iteration of the team. During the second half of last season, Vegas (formerly Paris) was the team that housed most of these players. That season ended with Eternal looking weaker in the second half than they did in their unimpressive first half. In their Pro-Am debut, this year's roster of the Vegas Eternal showed that even Dove on his specialty heroes can't carry this team to a single victory, even against Contenders teams. They come last on the predicted power rankings based off of all the info we have on both last year, and this year's iterations of the team.


  •  Jack “Vulcan” McArthur

Vulcan was always a pretty solid tank player in Contenders, taking multiple Contenders championships. Even so, this isn't his first stint in the Overwatch League. He had a short run early in 2022 with the New York Excelsior, which showed only that he, like his new teammates, wasn't ready for the premier league just because they were fantastic players in Contenders. One good thing that comes from his place on the roster however, is that he's a very experienced Off-Tank player. Off-Tanks have taken up a lot of the meta Tank role slots so far in Overwatch 2, and his experience on the role will prove valuable for many, maybe even most meta shifts.

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  •  Luke “Lukemino” Fish
  • Kyle “RakAttack” Rakauskas

It is exceptionally easy to blend in and be forgotten as a Support player. Of course, that's even more true when you're on such a lackluster team. When there is only a single pop-off player to really pour resources into, it makes the Supports' job look even more unfulfilled. The fact of the matter is, whether these two players are great or terrible, there is nothing they can do to stand out or make an impact. They don't have a team with the capability of making their skills worth anything, therefore leaving them stagnant where they are at the bottom of the Power Rankings chart.


  • Jesse “Dove” Palomo
  • Josh “Malthel” Gonzales

To quickly go over Malthel's history, he's a moderately good Contenders DPS who plays Genji (also known as throwing) in Overwatch League matches. He has his moments for sure, but he most often stands out as a weak DPS player that gets outshined by enemy DPS in every match.

Dove however is the exact opposite. He's a star player, who outshines other great DPS players when taking them one on one. He doesn't have the widest hero pool, but he's made himself worthy of the league by really mastering the heroes he prefers to play. Dove is the shining light of this team, and if there is any chance for them to find success in even a single game, it'll be off of the back of him.

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  • Diana “Empress” W

A complete reflection of her team. Empress, just like her players, had a fantastic Contenders career against lower competition, but has found no success in the Overwatch League yet. To be a coach in Contenders is much closer to being an Overwatch League coach than a Contenders player to an Overwatch League player. As good as Empress is, her team simply can't compete in any meta. The best option would be for her to take after Chengdu Hunter's (and one of the league's) greatest coach Xingrui “RUI” Wang. She has to innovate the team's strategy to make up for the lack of player level.

Vegas Eternal 2023 Power Ranking

It's not even a team with potential. Most of this roster needs to hone their skills more in Contenders, practicing against Overwatch League teams and improving as players and teams before coming back up to take another shot at Contenders. Hopefully, by the end of this year, they will have at least taken some wins over Contenders teams, and maybe some other low level Overwatch League teams.

OWL 2023 Power Rankings – #19 Vegas Eternal
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