OWL 2023 Power Rankings – #18 New York Excelsior

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OWL 2023 Power Rankings – #18 New York Excelsior

New York Excelsior have a huge uphill fight in the 2023 season.

This year's New York Excelsior seems to be the first complete remodel of the team.

New York Excelsior 2023 Roster

There are some very familiar names on this remodeled NYXL roster. Some of these names are very successful OWL players, while others have just been around the league recently. There is a bit of potential for certain players to carry the team, but their Pro-Am performance showed that the team hasn't melded well enough yet to make that happen.


  • Min-jae “Kellan” Kim

The weakest link of the old NYXL returns! Kellan isn't the worst Tank player to ever grace the league, but he isn't out there putting on spectacular performances either. He thrives in Winston led metas, but even then he's just a good enough player. On almost all other heroes, he doesn't hold a torch to whoever he's up against. There is opportunity for him to improve, that's for sure. He isn't hopeless, but he isn't starting at the same level as other Tanks even after having experience in the league.


  • Haley “Halo” Hamand
  • Joseph “Lep” Cambriani
  • Yunhee “Aniyun” Chi
  • Young-wan “Creative” Kim

With two really solid starters, and two unproven backups to train up, the NYXL backline doesn't look too bad. In fact, it may even be the best line the team has. Creative and Lep are both players that showed off last year in different ways. Creative took well too his team from the start and was a completely reliable Support player by the time he was involved in the surprise trade with the Houston Outlaws. Lep was on the Houston Outlaws as well, and while he's always been good, it took him a bit to take to a particular style and way he wanted to play in the league. The two of them have since really settled in, and can take this team far with their reliability.

Halo and Aniyun are players with potential that seem like a bit of a gamble. They aren't completely proven, and have less accomplishments that even some of the lowest ranked league players. Still, that isn't proof of anything in terms of their skill, and mirroring their more experienced Support duo, they could learn a lot and transform into similarly reliable players.


  • Dong-eun “Fits” Kim
  • Niclas “sHockWave” Jensen
  • Maximilion “Seicoe” Otter

For some insane reason, New York has been trying on the look of sHockWave and Seicoe as their DPS duo. They need to stop that immediately. Restricting Fits to a specialist is sinister, especially when he's better than both of the other DPS players combined. sHockWave and Seicoe aren't half bad, especially since their from the weakest major region in Overwatch, its just that Fits is on of Korea's best DPS players to date, and that is say a hell of a lot. He takes it straight to player like Joon-yeong “Profit” Park, Jae-won “LIP” Lee, and Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim. Some of the biggest names in Korea. If NYXL continue to only sub him in as a specialist, they will create their own failure this year.

New York Excelsior 2023 Power Ranking

As the season progresses, there is plenty of opportunity for this team to improve. Right now, they don't look to be having a great start, which is reason for them to be here, but they have players with high skill caps that can push them into the middle of the pack over time. Once they figure out how to properly allocate resources, and consistently play their strongest team members, they can ride up the power rankings in a big way.

OWL 2023 Power Rankings – #18 New York Excelsior
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