OWL 2023 Power Rankings – #14 Washington Justice

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OWL 2023 Power Rankings – #14 Washington Justice

Washington Justice opt for a mixed roster this season.

The team looks promising year after year, but putting too many eggs in this basket has proven disappointing before.

Washington Justice 2023 Roster

Replacing a Korean roster with a mixed roster doesn't often result in positive results, but in Washington's case it just might. With some exciting player returns, some star pick ups, and their least impressive player being on a specialty role, Justice seem to have locked down a pretty good roster without have to expend too many resources. The question is, will these returning players be back for long, or does Washington have just a single season to make this roster work out?


  • Benjamin “BenBest” Dieulafait
  • Chris “MirroR” Trinh

It feels like BenBest always had a little something extra that he never got to show when he was with the Paris Eternal previously. He obviously has the talent to hang with the big dogs on the same role, but now he might actually get to show that. Rather than holding the line while his team gets stomped on, his confident style of frontline play may be an integral piece for allowing his teammates to freely do what it is they're best at.

MirroR never made the full adaptation from DPS to Tank player, despite having been a “Tank player” for some time now. Being that he's next to BenBest, we will either see him as a Doomfist specialist, or the Off-Tank player of the team. He's gonna need to show some more proficiency on this role if he wants to stop getting tossed around in the offseason after barely playing the season prior. He's a talented Overwatch player, he just can't find a place in the professional scene yet. With a solid team here, this is his chance to become whatever it is he wants to be on this role.

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  • Brice “FDGod” Monsçavoir
  • Min-gi “Teru” Kim

Teru was forced out of the Overwatch League by COVID, having to leave the Vancouver Titans so he could return to Korea. At the end of last season, he returned to help Hangzhou Spark finish out their season, and despite his short time with the team, he was the highlight of their playoff run. His Kiriko play was the very best upon her release, and he was already able to make an impact just by stepping back into the league.

FDGod is famous for being the weakest link on a great team. Its hard to tell if that means he's good, but just not as good, or if it means he's completely bad. You'd have to think that he's got some kind of ability to keep getting signed to teams, so maybe now that he's not on a team full of MVP candidates, he'll have an opportunity to stand out more.


  • Jun “AlphaYi” Kim
  • Young-woo “Flora” Lim

While the team looks pretty good, the DPS line is going to be the saving grace of this team. AlphaYi is proficient on many characters, including those that some take a long time to adjust to during meta shifts. He's not one of the most standout players in the league, but he's really solid on everything he does. Versatility and reliability more than make up for not having the teamfight carry from time to time.

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Flora has always deserved better, and the world knows it. This is one of the best Hitscan DPS players in the world who was forced to lose alongside a team that could live through teamfights long enough to let him pop off and carry them. Flora absolutely never disappoints. His aim is unbelievable, his hero pool is pretty wide, and he's just a complete star. Everybody loves watching this guy play, and this year he's got a solid enough team to help make them pretty competitive.

Washington Justice 2023 Power Ranking

This team isn't a shoe-in for anything. They have boundaries to overcome, and they don't quite have the maximum skill potential that some other mid and high level teams have, but they can't be counted out. The team plays could be good, sure, but the talent of these individual players, especially as they improve throughout the season, might end up being the difference maker if they go higher than expected. Its easy to see a lot of teams getting one over on them, but its not impossible to see them clawing out some games against almost anybody.

OWL 2023 Power Rankings – #14 Washington Justice
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