OWL: 2022 Coach of the Year ChrisTFer

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OWL: 2022 Coach of the Year ChrisTFer

Once Contenders player Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham awarded Overwatch League Coach of the Year.

To take a 1-15 franchise to Top 6 in the next years playoffs requires a Coach with not only insane knowledge of the game, but also the dedication to give it forth to their team.

Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham

ChrisTFer began his journey as a player at the origin of competitive Overwatch all the way back in 2016. Since then, he has grown from a tournament competitor, to a Contenders Tank player, and even to a World Cup player for Team UK. By the time the first Overwatch League season came to a close, he had his eyes set on a new way to give his talents to the professional Overwatch scene. Shortly after his retirement after a player, the Philadelphia Fusion were ready to put their faith in the Tank specialist for his first coaching role in the game as an Assistant Coach. It is clear now that serving as an Assistant Coach under both Donggun “KDG” Kim and Bumhoon “NineK” Kim grew his talents as a Coach in multiple ways.

2022 Coach of the Year

When it was time to step up to the top spot, ChrisTFer was going to do it back home. Back to the UK with the London Spitfire. He would utilize both team management and player training to be two sided coach, playing both sides of the ball. He would take former Spitfire players, and add some promising veterans and rookies to the mix in order to create the EU strongarm team that the fans have wanted for so long. Pushing his players to be the best the can both in and out of the game, ChrisTFer wasn't just a coach for them, he was their protector. The guy who made sure they were becoming the best players they can, and then helping manage their time out of game to ensure they weren't left to their own devices in a life under a team roof.

OWL: 2022 Coach of the Year ChrisTFer
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