OWL 2021 Power Rankings – #14 Boston Uprising

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OWL 2021 Power Rankings – #14 Boston Uprising

The Boston Uprising takes the 14th position in our Overwatch League 2021 power rankings.

The team brings some fresh blood to its core roster, giving the Boston Uprising a chance not to finish last this season.

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Boston Uprising 2021 Roster Preview


  • Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth
  • Ji-won “Stand1” Seo
  • Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist

Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth has been a key member of the Boston Uprising ever since he joined the team for the Overwatch League 2019 Season. He stays as the main tank player of the Boston Uprising for this new season.

Overwatch League player Cameron "Fusions" Bosworth smiles in front of a PC monitor.

Fusions shares his main tank position with Ji-won “Stand1” Seo. Stand1 was with the Shanghai Dragons last season, helping the team win the May Melee and Countdown Cup tournament and place third in the Overwatch League 2020 Season.

The Boston Uprising can count on Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist for off-tank heroes. Punk joined the Boston Uprising mid-season last year, as a promotion from the Uprising Academy. With the Boston Uprising, Punk managed to defeat the Paris Eternal during the SteelSeries Invitational earlier this year.


  • Sang-min “Myunb0ng” Seo
  • Hong-gyu “Faith” Kim

Sang-min “Myunb0ng” Seo joined the Boston Uprising in 2019 and stays with the team this season. Myunb0ng is one of the best Ana players in the League, while also being able to flex to other heroes.

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The main support of the Boston Uprising for the Overwatch League 2021 Season is Hong-gyu “Faith” Kim. Prior to joining the Uprising, Faith placed second in the Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 2: Pacific with Global Esports and played with WGS Phoenix for The Gauntlet: Asia.

Pro Overwatch League player Hong-gyu "Faith" Kim crosses his arms with a city skyline behind him.


  • Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse
  • Jin-ui “im37” Hong
  • Byeong-ju “Valentine” Kim

Initially, the Boston Uprising signed former Paris Eternal Terence “SoOn” Tarlier for this new Overwatch League season. However, due to visa issues, the player couldn’t meet the team and was therefore released from the roster.

The Boston Uprising is down to three DPS players. Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse stays with the team for this new Overwatch League season. The player joined the team in 2018 and has never left it since.

Jin-ui “im37” Hong, the popular McCree player from the Toronto Defiant back in 2019 joins the Boston Uprising for the Overwatch League 2021 season. Following a disappointing 17th place with the Toronto Defiant in the Overwatch League 2019 Regular Season, im37 went back to play in the Overwatch Contenders. He joined the Uprising Academy and is now promoted to the Overwatch League main roster.

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Pro Overwatch League player Jin-ui "im37" Hong looks down at the camera with a headset on.

The latest signing from the Boston Uprising is Byeong-ju “Valentine” Kim. The player just turned 18, making him officially eligible for the Overwatch League. He mainly plays Genji, Doomfist and other flanker heroes. Prior to joining Boston, he placed third in the Overwatch Contenders 2020 Season 1: Korea with WGS Phoenix, where he met im37 on a loan from the Uprising Academy.

Boston Uprising 2021 Power Ranking

The Boston Uprising 2021 roster mixes core players with newcomers. Stand1 will reinforce the tanking line, but the main duo stays the same as last year. The main support of the team is new to the Overwatch League, and is paired with a more experienced player. The DPS line could have been really powerful with the addition of SoOn, as his hero pool is different from the rest of the team. Valentine is still a rookie, but his Genji powered by Myunb0ng’s nanoboosts could decimate enemy lines.

The Boston Uprising has the ability to reach higher than last year when the team ended in the last spot of the Overwatch League. However, these changes might not be enough to go higher than the 14th place of our Overwatch League 2021 power rankings.

OWL 2021 Power Rankings – #14 Boston Uprising
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