Overwatch’s Newest Hero, Echo, has Arrived

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Overwatch’s Newest Hero, Echo, has Arrived

Echo is finally live on the Overwatch main client and available for play on all systems.

This brand new angelic damage hero is one that received praise and criticism from many on her toolkit. Echo is a hero that has been teased since Overwatch was announced. The AI takes to the sky and dives down on the unsuspecting enemy bursting their health into oblivion. There wasn't a need for another damage hero in Overwatch, but she may fit in perfectly.

Echo's Abilities

  • Tri-Shot – Echo fires three shots at once, in a triangle pattern.
  • Sticky Bombs – Echo fires a volley of sticky bombs that detonates after a delay.
  • Flight – Echo blasts into the direction she is facing and lifts up into the air.
  • Focusing Beam – Echo channels a beam for a few seconds, dealing very high damage to targets with less than half health.
  • Glide – Echo can glide while falling, often used with Flight to gain control midair.
  • Duplicate – Echo duplicates a targeted enemy hero and gains the use of their abilities with an accelerated ultimate meter.

Echo’s abilities are aimed at bursting down individual heroes, previously being able to shred a tank if all of her abilities are used. Sticky Bombs was a useful tool at zoning off the enemy or completely deleting a low health enemy. If that doesn't finish them off, Focusing Beam is the go-to ability to focus down the opposition.

Nerfed and Improved

In hero pools, when D. VA is banned, Pharah is the go-to damage players for those capable. Echo offers another alternative for high fliers using her toolkit to focus down a singular enemy versus Pharah's splash damage. Echo won't be available for competitive play soon, as Blizzard is still making tweaks to her toolkit. Balancing a hero like Echo will take time, considering she has one of the strongest and most adaptable ultimates in the game. Duplicate makes her a prime target to shut down before she gains her ultimate again as the enemy hero. In the PTR, Echo was an unstoppable force if not dealt with immediately.

Expect Echo to be the dominant pick in just about every Overwatch match this week. Blizzard is hosting the Flash Ops: Echo Showdown, a tournament open to everyone highlighting Echo and her skills. When Echo was initially announced, the Overwatch League hosted a series of Sunday Funday matches where professionals could show off her kit on stream.

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