Overwatch’s 2020 Halloween Terror Event Brings Spooky Skins

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Overwatch’s 2020 Halloween Terror Event Brings Spooky Skins

Spooky season is upon us once again, and Halloween Terror has returned to Overwatch with a handful of frightful skins.

Every year around this time, Overwatch introduces a Halloween themed event to get fans in the mood. Junkenstein’s Revenge is returning as usual, and with it will come a new set of legendary skins for three heroes. Completing challenges for Junkenstein’s Revenge will earn you rotating rewards that will change every week and require wins to claim the limited-time rewards. This year, Blizzard has thrown in a few changes with the content update like balance adjustments and an improved profanity filter.

This year, five heroes received Legendary skins that top the cake of what we’ve seen from the event in the past. Available for unlocking are Karasu-Tengu Genji, Dai-Tengu Hanzo, Werewolf Winston, Flying Dutchman Sigma, and Shin-Ryeong D.Va. On top of these five skins, the weekly challenges will rotate and offer up three Epic skins for players who can win nine matches each week. The three skins up for grabs are the Fantasma Sombra skin, Stone Brigitte, and Ragdoll Echo, officially bringing a Halloween skin for every hero in Overwatch.

The Overwatch community is known for being more than a little toxic at times. Blizzard is hoping to curb how much toxicity players are exposed to by introducing an advanced profanity filter. The improved profanity filter offers three levels, friendly, which filters out most vulgar and offensive language, mature that shows mildly vulgar or obscene words, and unfiltered, the wild west free for all. Players can set a different level of filter for each of the chat channels, allowing for the filtering of random slurs in general chat.

Halloween Terror is live on the Overwatch main client and will be taking place from Oct. 13 until Nov. 3.

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