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Overwatch: Visa Issues Prevent neptuNo from Playing with Guangzhou Charge


Alberto “neptuNo” González has to leave South Korea as his visa expires. He will not be able to attend the forthcoming Guangzhou Charge matches in the Overwatch League.

The coronavirus health crisis hits the Overwatch League once more. The Guangzhou Charge released an official statement to announce that Alberto “neptuNo” González will not be able to play with the team as his visa expires.

As the Overwatch League canceled all homestands for an online format, players gather with their teams in gaming houses. However, most of these teams are international, meaning foreign players need a visa to stay abroad. This is exactly what happened with Alberto “neptuNo” González, whose visa can no longer allow him to stay with his team in South Korea.

The Spanish main support of Guangzhou Charge has to renew his visa to get back with the team in their South Korea gaming house. To do so, Alberto “neptuNo” González has to go back to his home country, Spain. The situation in Spain due to the coronavirus is a complicated one. With over 220,000 confirmed cases, Spain is one of the European countries with the biggest COVID-19 spread. The country is under national lockdown since March 14. Getting a visa in these times might take longer than usual.

What does this mean for Guangzhou?

Until he gets a new visa for South Korea, González cannot play with Guangzhou Charge. This is a blow to the team, as Alberto “neptuNo” González and Charlie “nero” Zwarg’s duo as a Pharah / Mercy was doing great in their matches. Jung-yeon “Chara” Kim is replacing neptuNo until he gets back. The two players have different gameplay styles, neptuNo playing mainly on Mercy to babysit nero’s Pharah, while Chara is an aggressive Lucio player.

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Additionally, off-tank player Qi “Wya” Haomiao is still blocked abroad due to his own visa issues. The Chinese player is stuck in China with his fellow countryman coach Yan “creed” Xiao. Guangzhou Charge is now down two players and a coach due to visa issues. They will have to adapt as the Overwatch League continues.

The match schedule for Guangzhou Charge is as follows:

A graphic showing the schedule for the Guangzhou Charge featuring the team logo and the dates in bright blue neon lettering



  • 28 – vs Shanghai Dragons – PST 1:00am
  • 29 – vs Hangzhou Spark – PST 3:00am


  • 03 – vs Chengdu Hunters – PST 3:00am
  • 04 – vs Hangzhou Spark – PST 3:00am
  • 05 – vs Chengdu Hunters – PST 3:00am
  • 10 – vs Shanghai Dragons – PST 3:00am
  • 11 – vs Shanghai Dragons – PST 3:00am
  • 12 – vs Hangzhou Spark – PST 1:00am
  • 18 – vs Hangzhou Spark – PST 3:00am
  • 19 – vs Shanghai Dragons – PST 3:00am
  • 25 – vs Hangzhou Spark – PST 3:00am
  • 26 – vs Chengdu Hunters – PST 3:00am

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