Overwatch: The Worst Combos, and How to Avoid Them

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Overwatch: The Worst Combos, and How to Avoid Them

Overwatch is one of the games where having the proper setup can be the difference between winning and losing. This is true for every skill level, especially if you play against some of the best people in the world. Here a some Overwatch The Worst Combos and how to avoid them.

Unsurprisingly, people who are good at Overwatch know which heroes to pick to win. Some players follow the meta, whereas others simply decide to get something they’re interested in. 

Although Overwatch is one of the shooters where everything can work in given situations, some heroes are just not that good next to each other. Our guides always try to help those new to the game, so let’s check a few heroes you should avoid pairing. 

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Widow and Hanzo/Ashe

Even though Widow and Hanzo might seem good on paper, these two heroes usually don’t work together that well. Sure, they can do insane damage and kill almost any opponent in seconds, but they are two snipers. Some people might not see a problem, but having two snipers is typically not good.

The fact that they can stay miles away and kill those who approach is a plus. However, if they miss their shots, the opponents can quickly swarm them in seconds. Moreover, neither of those heroes is good when it comes down to breaking shields. As a result, they can easily be countered by teams who pick Rein, Orisa, Sigma, etc.

Another thing that you have to know about these two heroes is that they love to stay back and spam damage. Since neither of them is a mid or close-range DPS, the tanks will be pressured even more than usual. This will make the healer’s job even more difficult.

Unsurprisingly, Ashe is also a hero that falls into this category. Even though she is not exactly a sniper, the hero is more than capable of killing enemies from miles away. However, due to the reasons mentioned above, it is usually not good to combine two heroes that fit in the same role.

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Echo and Pharah

Some people like playing heroes like Soldier or Widow because they require them to be more accurate while shooting. With that being said, others prefer to focus on other options, such as AoE damage dealers. Even though Junkrat is probably the first name that comes to mind, users also pick heroes like Pharah.

Pharah is one of the best options to pair with Mercy because of her incredible damage output. Sadly, the hero does not work that well with options like Echo. Even though Echo can also deal tons of burst damage and can kill low HP opponents, both heroes have to fly to be effective. This means every team can easily counter them with heroes like Widow, Torb, or Hanzo.

Echo and Pharah definitely seem like an interesting duo in lower-MMR games. Sadly, the two damage dealers are not that strong if you play against opponents who know how to deal with them.

Symmetra and Torb

Many people think that Symmetra and Torb are among the best duos you can get in Overwatch. Due to the fact that both heroes have turrets, they can easily defend the incoming attacks. What’s more, Torb can use Symmetra’s teleports to place his Turrent in a location where the enemies won’t be able to kill it that easily.

Unlike some other combos on this list, this one can work in some situations. However, the fact that both heroes do pretty much the same is not good because people can counter them. 

There are many heroes like Tracer, Junkrat, and Genji that are usually pretty good against Symmetra and Torb. In other words, one of those heroes can make their lives a living hell.

The good news is that Torn and Symmetra are great on some maps and against people who don’t know how to counter them. Even though players will eventually learn how to kill their turrets, these two can deal tons of damage. Of course, the combo works better on certain maps, so think carefully before picking it.

Sombra and Tracer

Some DPS heroes in Overwatch like to play “in your face” and deal as much damage as possible. However, others prefer to be more sneaky and try to catch their opponents off guard. There are a couple of names that we can include in this category, but the two that stand out are Tracer and Sombra.

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Tracer is notorious for her teleport and the fact she is hard to kill. Despite being the squishiest hero in the game, a good Tracer can easily outclass every enemy.

Speaking of outclassing opponents, Sombra is another name that comes to mind. She is also a swift assassin capable of killing almost any hero in Overwatch. In fact, she is the only hero in the game that has stealth.

Even though Sombra and Tracer are excellent at killing opponents, the two heroes don’t really work together. Similar to Torb and Symmetra, they have almost identical roles. Thus, their opponents can counter them by picking heroes that are good versus them.

Since both Tracer and Sombra need to use the element of surprise to their advantage, their team does not have the possibility to take 6-on-6 fights. The two heroes won’t take part in the head-on battle because they need to flank their opponents. Needless to say, this leaves their team vulnerable to some aggressive tanks like Roadhog or Rein.

Ana and Mercy

The last duo that is usually not that good in Overwatch is Ana and Mercy. These two heroes are among the most popular supports in the game, which explains why they appear in almost every match. Even though they are exceptional at what they do, having both of them in the same team is often not a good idea.

The main reason why Ana and Mercy rarely work side by side is because they can heal only one target. Sure, Mercy can heal more units, but she needs to have her ult. Until it becomes available, the two supports can only take care of one hero at a time.

In order to avoid this problem, teams combine Ana and Mercy with heroes like Moira, Baptiste, or Lucio.

Overwatch: The Worst Combos, and How to Avoid Them
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