Overwatch Best Combos to Dominate

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Overwatch Best Combos to Dominate

Overwatch may look easy on paper, but the game is complex and requires a lot of skill in order to play competitively. Although being good at the game is a must, you also need to come up with unique combos. Every meta has its own “go-to” option, in this Overwatch Best Combos guide, we'll look at some of them. 

Some options shown below will work in every skill bracket. However, others are only worth it if you play against people who are not good at the game. Needless to say, players who know what they’re doing can counter most of them.

D.Va and Winston

There are many combinations in Overwatch, and one of them involves two tanks. D.Va and Winston are among the most popular options in some skill brackets. The two heroes deal significant damage for a tank, and they are pretty hardy. However, the thing that makes them special is their mobility.

These two heroes can rip through the opposing team because they can play aggressively. Besides killing the weak DPS and supports, D.Va and Winston can use their mobility to escape when needed. 

Of course, we also have to remember that these two heroes have strong ultimates. Although they don’t sync that well, Winston can use his to push enemies into the open, where D.Va can kill them.

Brigitte and Reinhardt

If there is something more annoying than facing Brigitte, it has to be playing against her and Reinhardt. Unsurprisingly, the two heroes work exceptionally well together because both have shields. 

Rein is one of the tanks that can play offensively when required. Of course, this comes at a cost because he won’t be able to use his shield. This is where Brigitte’s abilities come to play. She can help Rein by giving him armor and using her CC abilities to save Rein from the pesky flankers.

Needless to say, the Earthshatter and Rally combo is also something that can have devastating consequences when used correctly. Besides using it offensively, these two abilities can turn around almost any team fight. 

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Zarya and Doomfist

Zarya’s ultimate is one of the most potent abilities in the game because it can be used with tons of other abilities. That’s the reason you can often see Zarya with heroes like Hanzo, Genji, Roadhog, and so on.

Speaking of heroes, Zarya also works well with Doomfirst. Besides the combo with their ultimates, the tank’s bubbles are amazing for heroes like Doomfirst. The latter needs to play aggressively and relies on his burst damage to land kills. However, this makes him vulnerable to all sorts of damage. This is where Zarya’s bubbles come to play.

When it comes to using the two heroes’ ults, they are usually more than enough to land at least a couple of kills. After all, Doomfist’s Meteor Strike can deal up to 300 damage if his opponents are in the “Inner Ring”.

Mercy and Pharah

One of the most popular and effective combos we have to mention on this list is the infamous Mercy and Pharah combo. Although Mercy can work incredibly well with almost any DPS, she excels with Pharah.

These two heroes can be your ticket to reach Gold or even the ranks after that. A good Pharah player who knows what he’s doing can deal insane damage. Sure, there are many counters to this combo, such as Widow and Hanzo, but if played correctly, Mercy and Pharah can deal with pretty much anything.

Unfortunately, this combo has its drawbacks, and they are related to Mercy’s focus on one hero. Since this hero is a support, it needs to help others by providing damage or healing. Sadly, this rarely happens because Mercy needs to stay with Pharah to make sure she stays alive.

Ana and Reinhardt


Aside from the deadly Brigitte and Reinhardt combo, one of the best tanks in Overwatch can also do wonders when paired with Ana. The latter is one of the go-to support heroes in the game because she deals good damage and healing.

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With that being said, the thing that makes Ana good with Rein is her ability to put a given target to sleep. If she uses it on someone who’s hard to kill, Rein can easily use his charge and kill the hero in seconds.

Another reason why Ana and Rein work well together is because of  Ana’s grenades. Due to the fact that Rein usually positions himself close to his opponents, Ana can heal her tank and do damage to her enemies simultaneously.

Mei and Cassidy

Mei is one of the DPS heroes that is not that popular among lower MMR games. Since the hero doesn’t do a lot of damage and has a high skill cap, most players avoid it. However, this doesn’t mean Mei is not worth it because the hero can be exceptionally strong.

The main reason why Mei works well with DPS like Cassidy or Reaper is because of her ability to freeze her opponents. Depending on how she uses her ult, Mei’s opponents can get frozen for a couple of seconds. Typically, this is more than enough for Cassidy to use his ultimate and kill all of them.

Wrecking Ball and Widow

The last combination that we’d like to show you in this article seems strange on paper. Wrecking Ball and Widow have nothing in common other than the fact that they are a part of Overwatch. However, once you start playing, you will see that this is not always the case.

Hammond deals a respectable amount of damage, but what makes him good alongside Widow is the hero’s ability to toss heroes in the air. He does that thanks to one of his abilities called Slam.

Once that happens and the enemies are in the air, Widow should be able to land a clear shot on at least one target. Of course, the only way to utilize this combo to its full potential is if the Widow player is good and knows how to land his slots.

Overwatch Best Combos to Dominate
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