Overwatch: Summer Games Event is Now Live

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Overwatch: Summer Games Event is Now Live

We all know that Jeff said Summer Games would be coming sooner than we expected, but no one expected it this soon.

In a surprising turn of events for everyone this morning, Blizzard has released this year's Sumer Games to live servers. Summer Games is one of fans' favorite events of the year, mostly because they get a chance at wacky skins like Grillmaster: 76. The biggest addition this year, however, are the bonus challenges.

Summer Games Bonus Events

Bonus events are going on throughout the week, similar to Ana's Bastet Challenge and Baptiste's Medic Challenge. Each week during the event will require players to win 9 games to get the exclusive skins. The first skin is red, white, and blue American themed for Reaper. It seems a little bright for Reyes' taste, but he certainly looks cool.


The second challenge features a skin for Mei that looks very similar to her Luna outfit but has some nice touches. The last features a simple yet clean skin for Reinhardt that boasts his nation's colors. The event comes with 4 additional skins, a sparring outfit for Genji, a summer suit for Hanzo, Torbjorn gets an inflatable hammer and Hammond is ringing in the spirit of Lucioball.


Speaking of Lucioball, it's back with both a competitive and quickplay mode for variety.

Summer Games runs from today, June 16, until August 5, but make sure to check in and win games every week for free skins.

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