Overwatch: Sigma’s Best Hero Combos – Which Work Best?

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Overwatch: Sigma’s Best Hero Combos – Which Work Best?

What are the best ultimates to combo with Sigma's Gravitic Flux? We've got you covered.

Overwatch’s newest tank hero, Sigma, should go live sometime around the beginning of September. As players scramble to figure out his kit on the test server, many will be looking to the future when they can finally use the Dutch astrophysicist in competitive play. One of Overwatch’s best techniques is combining abilities for deadly effects, which can swing a fight in a team’s favour. So, grab your Hyperspheres and get ready for which combos work best with the newest tank!

D.va’s Self Destruct

Best Heroes With Sigma

D.va’s Self-Destruct has proven to be a huge fight changer if used in conjunction with other ultimates, and Sigma is no exception. Sigma’s ultimate is called Gravitic Flux, and if used correctly, it can result in a team wipe with D.va’s Delf-Destruct. Gravitic Flux launches enemies in a target area into the sky before slamming them back down. Whilst in the air, these enemies are immobile and cannot move. If players can time this right and launch D.va’s ultimate off at the correct moment, several enemies will perish to the blast. D.va is already a powerful hero in Overwatch, but thanks to Sigma’s ultimate, she may get even stronger.

Wrecking Ball’s Minefield

Wrecking Ball and Sigma Combo

Sigma and Wrecking Ball are an explosive match made in heaven. Wrecking Ball’s minefield is a plain average ultimate during a normal team fight. But it can be used correctly if all the enemies are clumped into once space with barely anywhere to run. Since Sigma’s Gravitic Flux halts enemies in mid-air briefly, it would give Wrecking Ball enough time to place his minefield down below the enemy. This would damage them severely or kill them instantly when they slam back down, and could easily turn the teamfight in your favor.

McCree’s High Noon

Mcree Sigma Combo

This one is best done only if you are certain about your team's coordination. McCree’s High Noon is a powerful ultimate when players use it correctly, and so is Sigma’s Gravitic Flux. As previously mentioned, the Gravitic Flux halts enemies for a brief time in mid-air. It’s hard to hit players with a High Noon when they’re all running for cover, but what if they couldn’t run at all? If timed correctly with Sigma’s ultimate, the McCree can decimate an entire team like he's shooting fish in a barrel.

Bonus: Brigitte’s Shield Bash

Best Sigma Hero combos

This one is more about satisfying your own guilty pleasures than providing a fight-turning maneuver. Both Brigitte and Sigma have abilities that players can use in close quarters, but what if you combined them both to knock someone off the map? Brigitte’s Shield Bash can stun an enemy for a couple of seconds, and Sigma’s Accretion ability flings a mass of debris at someone to knock them down. However, if Sigma is close enough to the enemy, Accretion will also knock them back a fair ways. So, what happens if the enemy is standing right near the edge of the bridge on Eichenwalde? If timed right, Brigitte can stun the enemy, and Sigma can send them all the way back to spawn.

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