Overwatch Patch Notes – Mauga Nerf & Overview of The Top Alternatives

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Overwatch Patch Notes – Mauga Nerf & Overview of The Top Alternatives

The Overwatch 2 patch notes include a Mauga nerf. The changes are not that drastic but important, so let’s learn more about them.

As you already know, the Overwatch 2 Season 8 added a lot of changes to the game. Alongside the new Battle Pass and events, there was also a new hero called Mauga. Considering the hero arrived with several buffs, it’s probably not surprising he quickly became one of the best picks in the game.

Even though we expect to keep seeing the hero in action, the Overwatch patch notes today reveal that there was a Mauga nerf. This has ane affect on the entire meta, so let’s see what’s new and which heroes are better than the rest right now.

Overwatch Patch Notes – Mauga Nerf

When it comes down to the Overwatch 2 Mauga nerf, the hero received three big changes. First, his Incendiary and Volatile Chainguns deal 4 instead of 5 damage. This may not seem that important, but it significantly lowers the hero’s damage output.

Speaking of lowering his damage, the number of shots to ignite an enemy is increased to 15 (it was 10 before). This is probably the biggest Mauga nerf from the recent Overwatch patch notes because he needs more time to do damage.

The last nerf is related to the hero’s ultimate Cage Fight, which now lasts for 8s instead of 10s. We weren’t surprised after reading more about this nerf because his ultimate felt insanely strong even when he was available for 1 day during BlizzCon

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Mauga’s alternatives

Overwatch Patch Notes - Mauga Nerf

The Overwatch patch notes today do not include any other buffs and nerfs, which means that all of the heroes in our Overwatch 2 Season 8 tank tier list continue to be solid picks. If we take a look at the list, we can see that Renhardt is among the best picks right now, and the stats prove it. According to a popular website that follows each Overwatch 2 hero, Rein is the most successful tank right now, with a win rate of more than 52%. Sigma is a close second, and the only reason he is not leading is that he requires a slightly more specific setup to be effective.

Following the Overwatch Mauga nerf, other good heroes include Junker Queen and Orisa. The latter is pretty hot because of the new skin, and the hero can be a very solid pick that deals loads of damage. 

Overwatch Patch Notes – Mauga Nerf & Overview of The Top Alternatives
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