Overwatch League: Win Double Tokens This Weekend

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Overwatch League: Win Double Tokens This Weekend

Win twice as many OWL tokens this weekend watching the Overwatch League.

All Overwatch League tokens drops are doubled between June 27 and June 28.

The Overwatch League tokens are a reward for any spectator of the Overwatch League. After a three-month hiatus as the League went from Twitch to Youtube, the tokens have been back in the 2020 Season since May.

The OWL tokens are an in-game currency required to purchase skins dedicated to an Overwatch League team. Moreover, the only way to win these tokens is by watching the Overwatch League games on the official YouTube channel.

The Overwatch League explained how the token rewarding system works:

  • Firstly, viewers get five league tokens for every hour spent watching the Overwatch League.
  • The viewing time is continuously tracked, so if you watch 30 minutes at a time and come back later for another 30 minutes, you will get the tokens for the cumulative total of one hour.
  • The viewing time is only counted for the live matches sponsored on the Overwatch League website and on the official mobile application.
  • League tokens will be available on your account after each full hour of viewing.
  • Finally, league tokens can be used in Overwatch on all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch).

This weekend, from June 27 to June 28, the Overwatch League tokens drops are doubled. This means that for every hour spent watching the Overwatch League, players will win ten tokens instead of the usual five tokens.


Overwatch heroes Zenyatta, Widowmaker, Reaper, Bastion, Mcree and Tracer lined up and posing

All Overwatch League skins cost 100 tokens, except for Zarya’s OWL MVP skin, which costs 200 tokens. All players can purchase an Overwatch League skin every 20 hours spent watching official games. Or after 40 hours for Sinatraa’s legendary skin on Zarya. With this double token weekend, players can get a new skin every 10 hours – roughly five or six games.

That is to say, if you ever need to buy a skin from your favorite team, tune in this weekend on the official Overwatch League YouTube channel to win double tokens.

Overwatch League: Win Double Tokens This Weekend
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