Overwatch League: Washington Justice Signs Sup7eme As Head Coach

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Overwatch League: Washington Justice Signs Sup7eme As Head Coach

Seung-jun “Sup7eme” Han changes position within the Washington Justice, as he transitions from Development Coach to the team’s new Head Coach.

Seung-jun “Sup7eme” Han, former Head Coach of the Korean Contenders team Seven and Assistant Coach of the Hangzhou Spark, is the new Head Coach for Washington Justice. He was previously hired in late 2019 as the team’s Development Coach.

Seung-jun “Sup7eme” Han is the former Head Coach and Founder of the Korean Contenders team Seven. He made his first steps in the Overwatch League in November 2018 as an Assistant Coach for the Hangzhou Spark. He helped the team secure the 4th place of the Overwatch League 2019 Regular Season and Playoffs.

Han steps in as former Seetoh “JohnGalt” Jian Qing left the team earlier this month to continue his education. This change comes as the whole team is restructuring to overcome the lackluster 2019 season. Team captain Corey “Corey” Nigra and Ethan “Stratus” Yankel both left the team earlier this month, respectively retiring and focussing on content creation. Shortly after, the Washington Justice released both General Manager Analynn “Bawlynn” Dang and Individual Coach Christopher “Bani” Benell in a controversial statement.

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With the addition of former Vancouver Titans players Choi “JJANU” Hyeon-woo and Lee “Stitch” Chung-hee and the retirement of Swedish player Elliot “ELLIVOTE” Vaneryd, the Washington Justice is switching to a full South Korean roster. As Han is also from South Korea, the communication between the staff and players will be easier than before, as English will no longer be mandatory for internal discussions.

The next game for Washington Justice is on June 21 against the Overwatch League reigning champions of San Francisco Shock.