Overwatch League Releases Details On 2020 Grand Finals

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Overwatch League Releases Details On 2020 Grand Finals

The Overwatch League’s plans for the Grand Finals was revealed along with an official date of October 8-10.

The End of the Season

A few weeks ago, the Overwatch League laid out the format of the 2020 Playoffs. Up until today, most of the fine details surrounding the Grand Finals were a mystery, and the All-Stars Event was up in the air. A post from the Overwatch League laid out in full what to expect going into the Grand Finals and All-Stars event.

Playoffs are taking place from September 3-13, and the Grand Finals will follow on October 8. In this month-long gap, the top two teams from North America will be traveling over to Asia to get accommodated. Playing on the same server is crucial to maintaining the competitive integrity of the Overwatch League’s Grand Finals. Given the state of the world, maintaining access to travel permits can be very difficult, especially out of the United States. If the League is unable to secure the travel plans as intended, the two finalists from each region will play their own separate Grand Finals. It has been months since we have seen the North America and Asia teams face-off, so the Grand Finals will be a much welcome change.

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Double the All-Stars Action

In the month gap, there will still be some Overwatch to keep fans entertained. All-Stars Asia is happening on September 26, and following it up on October 3, is All-Stars: North America. Voting for the All-Stars is now open and fans may choose four players per role from both of the regions. Varying from the MVP vote, fans get all the power this time and the top 18 players with the most votes will compete in the All-Stars event of their respective region. The All-Stars events include the T-Mobile Talent Takedown, the Widowmaker 1v1 Tournament, and the All-Star Game.

The last two weekends of the season are upon us. Now is the time for many teams to prove themselves. Looking at the past two tournaments, the Shanghai Dragons should have no problem securing a Grand Finals slot. In North America however, the San Francisco Shock, Philadelphia Fusion, and Paris Eternal have maintained a neck-in-neck rivalry.

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