Overwatch League Power Rankings Stage 3 | Week 3

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Overwatch League Power Rankings Stage 3 | Week 3

ESTNN's Malik Shelp takes viewers through the Power Rankings for Week 3 of the Overwatch League.

Overwatch League Power Rankings

Welcome to ESTNN's Overwatch League Power Rankings for Week 3 of Stage 3. Last week, viewers caught an insane upset and fans and analysts alike are making their predictions for the playoffs. The Houston Outlaws came out swinging, the Seoul Dynasty had trouble being consistent, and Atlanta couldn't catch a break. Let's see where all the teams ended up this week.

Power Ranking Week 3

1. The Vancouver Titans

OWL Titans

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone considering the consistent domination Vancouver has had on the League for a while. They beat the Spark 3-1 and demolished Dallas Fuel 4-0. No one has been able to win more than one map against them this Stage, so its safe to assume they will be in Playoffs.

2. New York Excelsior

New York Excelsior Match of the Week

The New York Excelsior are consistent if nothing else. They always seem to be in control of the situation and play with cold precision. The NYXL are expected to be in playoffs every stage but they never quite clinch the win. While their win against Paris wasn't a big deal, it still proved that Saebyeolbe is a deadly force to be reckoned with.

3. San Francisco Shock

OWl Shock

The Shock had a hard time this past week when they suffered their first loss by the team that struggled the most last stage — the Houston Outlaws. The Shock came back and won it 4-0 against the Seoul Dynasty, but that loss makes us question some of the Shock's stability with new metas and variations. The came into the limelight quite quickly, and it wouldn't be the first time a team has burned bright for a few stages only to fade away.

4. L.A. Gladiators

LA Gladiators Overwatch League

The L.A. Gladiators have been keeping the steam this stage by taking out both the Philadelphia Fusion and the Washington Justice with relative ease. It was nice to see Surefour back on the big stage, and his synergy with r0ar on the Brigette and Rein combo was on point.

5. Seoul Dynasty

OWL Seoul Dynasty

The Seoul Dynasty may have lost against the San Francisco Shock, but they have been looking better and better each game they play. Seoul are making fewer mistakes and working better together. They beat the Atlanta Reign 4-0, and Illicit got some much-needed play time on the big stage. Zunba was consistently pumping out damage and punishing the backline making it impossible for the Reign to collect themselves.

6. London Spitfire

OWL London Spitfire

The London Spitfire fluctuate weekly on how they perform, and while we know they have a high skill cap, we have also seen crazy upsets this season. Their win against the Toronto Defiant was a bonus, but they will need to prove themselves against the NYXL this weekend.

7. Houston Outlaws

Outlaws Upset Shock Jake Volland

The Outlaws had a huge two victories this past weekend after they took down both the Boston Uprising 4-0 and the San Francisco Shock 3-2. Rawkus played an insane Ana in both matchups, and the coordination between Danteh's EMPs and Muma's shatters were impeccable. I'm super excited to see how they perfect this dynamic duo and plow their way into the playoffs. Houston makes a huge jump this week simply because they showed the talent that fans always believed they had. Look for them to continue to rack up wins now that it seems the squad is meshing well.

8. Huangzhou Spark


The Huangzhou Spark faced two extreme opposites in terms of teams and came out in about the same place; they're unable to take on the big dogs but still belong in the upper-mid tier. Their 3-3 was good, but Guxue isn't on the same Reinhardt level as Bumper, and the Spark maintained their position by beating a lower team, the Washington Justice. It wasn't too difficult for them to succeed in beating the Justice, minus their tie on Paris (granted that is a relatively difficult map).

9. Shanghai Dragons

Shanghai Dragons OWL Stage 2 Playoffs

It was not a good weekend for the Atlanta Reign as they started off the weekend with a well-fought five-map loss. The Shanghai Dragons had a slow startup, dropping the first map 0-2, but pulled it around once Luffy and Gamsu fell into a rhythm. Volskaya Industry was an exceptional map, and, if you're going to rewatch one map this week, we definitely recommend going and watching it.

10. Dallas Fuel

FUEL Minseok OGE Son Robert Paul

The Dallas Fuel didn't burn so bright suffering losses from both the Vancouver Titans and the Chengdu Hunters. AKM and Zacharee popped off with the double sniper on Paris, and then it was back to Dallas' same 3-3 that keeps losing them maps. The Dallas Fuel show signs of life at times, but have some work to do if they want to make playoffs.

11. L.A. Valiant

OWL Valiant First Win

The Valiant played aggressively against the Guangzhou Charge on Saturday and earned themselves a 3-1 victory. Kariv on Ana was a nice treat and when he got the Nano on to FCTFCTN, there was no stopping them. The few sleep darts he landed on Eileen were nice to top it off and the crew played well together overall.

12. Paris Eternal

OWL Paris Eternal

The Paris Eternal lost against the NYXL, but, hey, at least they can say they got one map off them.  Aside from that loss, their victory against the Florida Mayhem was a small one, but still, a win is a win. Finnsi had his bit of fun. Paris is going up against Boston this weekend, so I don't think they have too much to be worried about during that match-up.

13. Chengdu Hunters

OWL Chengdu Hunters Robert Paul

The Chengdu Hunters did exactly what you would expect the Chengdu Hunters to do and played DPS heroes that they like. Surprisingly enough, it worked well against the Fuel and gave them a major confidence boost going into next week. Man, Chengdu is fun to watch.

14. Philadelphia Fusion

OWL Fusion Win Robert Paul

The Philadelphia Fusion has been in a bit of a funk lately. They consistently lost to upper and middle-tier teams, while barely managing to beat the lower-tier squads. The Fusion continue to come up short, and maybe they need to take a stage to refine some team dynamics and come back strong.

15. Guangzhou Charge

OWL Guangzhou Charge Robert Paul

The Charge has had a rough go at it this stage as each win is immediately followed up by two harsh defeats. The Charge lost to the L.A. Valiant 3-1, and barely got the map win on Horizon Lunar Colony. Eileen played decent, especially on his pocket pick, Sombra.

16. Atlanta Reign

OWL Atlanta Reign

The Atlanta Reign Homestand Event is in 2 weeks, and I hope they can gain some more momentum before the big event. While the teams they are playing aren't huge threats (the Toronto Defiant and Florida Mayhem), you never know what tricks someone might have up their sleeve. The Reign have been pummeled in the schedule shuffle this stage, but if they can do well against the Fusion this weekend, then there's the hope that they can defend their Homestand.

17. Toronto Defiant

Toronto Defiant Overwatch League

The Defiant is struggling to hang in this stage. Last weekend's loss put a devastating 0-2 on their record. The squad showed confidence against the Spitfire on Map 1, but Ilios has never really been considered a serious map. Their efforts to shake it up on Volskaya with a DPS lineup was a great attempt but ultimately didn't work out well for them. Their 3-3 needs lots of work, but maybe they might switch focus to their DPS compositions, especially with IM37 and Ivy on the team.

18. Boston Uprising


Poor Boston Uprising. After getting swept by the Houston Outlaws 4-0, and losing to the Fusion 2-1, they have a lot to work on. Fusions isn't performing the same as he did Stage 1 and 2; and while RCk may have done some damage on Sombra, it took his team a few minutes to capitalize on his openings. Boston needs to clean it up.

19. Florida Mayhem

2019 S2W1D3 121905 Florida Mayhem vs Philadelphia Fusion Robert Paul

The Florida Mayhem didn't get swept by the Paris Eternal during their match last weekend and BQB showed that he is still proficient as a Sombra. Sayaplayer still played consistently, but this team has trouble converting opportunities into map wins. It really is mayhem in Florida right now.

20. Washington Justice

Washington Justice OWL

The Washington Justice are at the bottom of our list this week due to the fact that they fail to show up to pretty much every single match they play. The Justice has yet to win a single map this whole stage, which makes us wonder if they can change anytime soon. They may have fewer losses than the Atlanta Reign or the Boston Uprising, but they just can't seem to secure any type of victory.


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