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Overwatch League: Philadelphia Fusion Releases Ivy, Fury And Sado

Seung-hyun "Ivy" Lee appears in his Philadelphia Fusion jersey for the last time. The words "Thank You Ivy" appear alongside

The Philadelphia Fusion are parting ways with Seung-hyun “Ivy” Lee, Jun-ho “Fury” Kim and Su-min “SADO” Kim.

The Philadelphia Fusion was one of the teams who made the fewest roster changes this off-season. The eternal second of the Overwatch League is today parting ways with Seung-hyun “Ivy” Lee, Jun-ho “Fury” Kim and Su-min “SADO” Kim.

The decision to part ways with three iconic players is a surprise to most Philadelphia Fusion’s fans. The team had a good run in the Overwatch League 2020; placing second in all majors tournaments as well as the Regular Season. Despite not winning a single title this year, the Philadelphia Fusion had a solid roster who was getting along. And they had the potential to snatch the Overwatch League 2021 crown.

Unfortunately, the good run the Philadelphia Fusion had during the Regular Season came to a stop early in the Playoffs. The team made it to the Final Four, but didn’t manage to go past the Semifinals.

Su-min "SADO" Kim smiles, putting on his headset as he gets ready for a game in the Overwatch League

As the Philadelphia Fusion is parting ways with Ivy, Fury and SADO, the team still has 7 players in its roster. Team captain Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee, Josue “Eqo” Corona and Hee-su “Heesu” Jeong will fill the void left by Ivy in the DPS lane. On the tanking line, Dong-gyu “Mano” Kim and Gael “Poko” Gouzerch remain to secure the team. Finally, two support players remain with the Philadelphia Fusion: Daniel “FunnyAstro” Hathaway and Kyung-bo “Alarm” Kim.

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There is yet no information about what the next plans of Ivy, Fury and SADO — whether or not in the Overwatch League.

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