Overwatch League: Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist Joins Boston Uprising

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Overwatch League: Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist Joins Boston Uprising

The Boston Uprising has a new off-tank.

Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist, a former member of the Uprising Academy and player for Team Australia, joins Boston Uprising as an off-tank player.

Punk fell in love with Overwatch ever since he started playing. He climbed the competitive ladder ranks, quicky reaching high Grandmasters. Before the Overwatch Contenders even existed, Gilchrist joined his first team: Mackerels. He then played in Open Division with Dark Sided. The team managed to qualify for the first season of Contenders, finishing first of its group and reaching the semifinals. Dark Sided qualified again for the second season of Contenders, and this time reached the grand final.

The Overwatch World Cup changed Punk’s life

The event that changed Chilchrist’s career in Overwatch is the World Cup. He joined the competition with team Australia and helped the country qualify for their second World Cup finals.

While hanging out with Jordan “Gunba” Graham and Scott “Custa” Kennedy during the Overwatch World Cup, Punk realized he wanted to join the Overwatch League.

Gilchrist trialed with Contenders several teams for Contenders and joined Sydney Drop Bears. After winning the Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3: Australia, Gilchrist join the Uprising Academy.

Punk’s role in Boston Uprising

From now on, Punk will wear the colors of Boston Uprising in the Overwatch League. He mainly plays off-tank heroes such as Sigma, D.Va and Zarya.

In Boston Uprising, Gilchrist will play alongside Thomas “brussen” Brussen and Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth. Brussen is the current starting off-tank and his duo with Fusions is working well. The addition of Punk will allow more flexibility and rotation for Boston Uprising, which will be crucial in the latest stages of the Overwatch League.

The recent visa issues linked with the COVID-19 pandemic should not affect Gilchrist too much, as he holds dual citizenship in the United States and Australia. The next game for Boston Uprising is scheduled on Saturday, May 16. Gilchrist’s new team will face Los Angeles Gladiators for the next Overwatch League weekend.

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Overwatch League: Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist Joins Boston Uprising
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