Overwatch League: Kevster Joins Los Angeles Gladiators

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Overwatch League: Kevster Joins Los Angeles Gladiators

The Los Angeles Gladiators have signed flex DPS player Kevin “kevster” Persson.

Kevin “kevster” Persson, flex DPS from Overwatch Contenders NA, joins the Overwatch League as the Los Angeles Gladiators’ latest pickup.

About Kevster

Persson made a name for himself in Overwatch Contenders NA. With Team Envy and Team Doge, the flex DPS made key kills, helping to secure wins for his team. He won the Contenders 2020 NA Season 1 Week 3, and placed second during Week 1 and 4. With Team Doge, Persson also won Fran's Overwatch Community Cup, a community event gathering the best players from the Overwatch T2 and T3 scene.

As a pure flex DPS, Persson masters both the hitscan and projectile heroes. He is mainly known for his gameplay on Widowmaker and Echo, but is also able to disrupt the enemy’s backline with Tracer or put his opponents on fire with Ashe.

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Joining the Los Angeles Gladiators

As a member of the Los Angeles Gladiators, Persson will play alongside Ji-hyeok “birdring” Kim, Gia Huy “MirroR” Trịnh and Jason “Jaru” White. Kim is the staple DPS of the team, being consistent on his Widowmaker as well as with Tracer. Trịnh and White are both pretty new to the Overwatch League, and performed in the Contenders NA. Despite being new to the League, Persson proved to be capable of incredible plays, and can bring a higher value than his former competitors.

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As the current meta favors Ashe, Tracer and Echo, Persson should find his place in the team fairly easily. He is able to switch on Widowmaker to play as a double hitscan with Kim, but can adapt to any kind of situation as a flex DPS player.

Persson will make his Overwatch League debut on June 20, when the Los Angeles Gladiators face the Houston Outlaws.

Overwatch League: Kevster Joins Los Angeles Gladiators
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