Overwatch League: JAKE Moves to Coaching Role on Houston Outlaws

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Overwatch League: JAKE Moves to Coaching Role on Houston Outlaws

The most diverse player in Overwatch history takes up a new role.

Jake “JAKE” Lyon has been in the Overwatch League since day 1. With the absence of Matthew “super” DeLisi and Sung- hyeon “JjoNak Bang, the league was looking for a new face.

The All-Rounder

JAKE was certainly in contention for that position. He started as a player, became a caster, went back to being a player/coach, and is now taking up coaching full time. Only he knows how long it will be before he itches to get back in the game. For now though, we have coach JAKE. He's known for being one of the greatest minds in Overwatch. Its the reason he can flawlessly perform in any role on the team or in the league. He's one of few players to play multiple roles on a team, and he's the only player to ever be the shot-caller from multiple roles.

Coach JAKE

Being one of the greatest minds in the league means its only natural that he take up coaching. Being able to teach the team he's been with since the beginning of the league only seems fitting for him. He's taken up the role in the past, sharing time as a player with his role as a coach. He is able to explain things to the players from an experienced player's point of view. He carries value that many other coaches don't provide. Because of his sole role as a coach, he will be able to spread his knowledge to his team even better than before.

Time will tell if this was the perfect position for him all along. Its possible that his dabble in coaching while he played for the team may have drawn him to this role. Its also possible that the Outlaws staff requested, or has been requesting him to take this role for some time. JAKE is always what the Houston Outlaws and Overwatch League need him to be. Yet again, he takes on a new task.

One's only concern should be that he will be coaching some of his former teammates, who may see him as a peer rather than a coach. Countering this fear is the fact that the team has already thrived with JAKE serving as a player/coach, and therefore showing they know how to manage him as an authoritative figure on the team. If it wasn't clear already, this will secure JAKE's position as an Overwatch League legend.

Overwatch League: JAKE Moves to Coaching Role on Houston Outlaws
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