Overwatch League Grand Finals Will Take Place in Canada

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Overwatch League Grand Finals Will Take Place in Canada

Tickets for the Overwatch League grand finals are available pre-sale now.

The official Overwatch League Twitter account just announced the first details for its esports tournament's playoffs. The major Blizzard competition has seen tons of action across multiple season patches, and the play-ins promises to do the same. With over 8 different rosters across the East and West teams, things are bound to heat up once the Grand Finals kick off on October 1.

The 2023 Overwatch League Playoffs will start on September 28 and will wrap up on September 30. The Grand Finals will officially begin on October 1, with the remaining 4 teams struggling for supremacy in the final bracket to win it all.

The Overwtach Grand Finals will be taking place live in Mattamy Athletic Centre, Toronto, Canada.

Want to experience the 2023 OWL's conclusion firsthand? The pre-sale for live tickets is set to begin on July 21 on their official website. Besides getting the chance to purchase a pass, peple who sign up will also get access to the latest developments in the League.

What Happens in Playoffs?

After Play-ins, 5 teams from the West and 3 teams from the East will get drafted in random groups  of 4. The double-elimination bracket is expected to leave 2 teams from each group, making a total of 4 rosters. The prizepool for Playoffs amounts to over $1,800,000.

What Happens in the Grand Finals?

The 4 semifinalists who make it out of the Playoffs alive will get to face each other in a single bracket format, with the ultimate winner getting the lion's share of the total prize pool.

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Where can I watch Overwatch League Grand Finals?

If you won't be able to fly to Canada, don't fret. The Grand Finals will still be livestreamed for the rest of the world to see on the Overwatch League's official YouTube channel.

Additional perks and benefits for attending the live event are yet to be released, but for now, you can continue tracking the current matches and all the maps they play on the Overwatch League game tracker.

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Overwatch League Grand Finals Will Take Place in Canada
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