Overwatch League: Dallas Fuel Signs Pine

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Overwatch League: Dallas Fuel Signs Pine

Dallas Fuel signs former NYXL hitscan Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim.

Dallas Fuel, who just won the May Melee tournament with its revived Element Mystic roster, just signed former New York Excelsior hitscan specialist Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim.

Dallas Fuel won the first competition of the Overwatch League 2021 Season and doesn’t seem to be ready to end this win streak. The team signs one of the most popular hitscan players from the Overwatch League: Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim.

One of the best hitscan players in the league

Pine, often called Big Boss Pine by his fans, played with NYXL ever since the Overwatch League Inaugural Season. New York Excelsior won the first-ever Regular Season, qualifying Pine for the OWL 2018 All-Star Game – which he won.

Overwatch League player Do-hyeon "Pine" Kim smiles as he fist bumps fans in the OWL arena.

The following year, a new meta ruled the Overwatch League: the GOATS. This meta made teams run three tanks and three supports, leaving little to no place for a hitscan player. NYXL placed 3rd in both the Overwatch League 2019 Regular Season and Playoffs, but Pine didn’t fit in the roster because of the GOATS meta.

As hitscans didn’t fit well in the Overwatch League back in 2019, Pine decided to step back from competitive Overwatch. He stayed with NYXL nonetheless, becoming a streamer for the team.

Dallas Fuel's hitscan specialist, Big Boss Pine

Pine is now back in the Overwatch League as a professional player. He joins Dallas Fuel, which just won the May Melee tournament. Pine is currently waiting for his transfer approval by the Overwatch League, and his US visa to meet his teammates from Dallas Fuel.

But why is Dallas Fuel signing Pine, as he never played with Element Mystic and comes after the start of the season? Earlier this year, Dallas Fuel’s hitscan, Ki-hyo “Xzi” Jung, had to retire due to health issues. His departure left a gap in Dallas Fuel roster, which only has flex DPS players and no real hitscan master. This gap is now filled as the team signed the most popular hitscan player, Big Boss Pine from NYXL.

Overwatch League: Dallas Fuel Signs Pine
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