Overwatch League: Dallas Fuel Cuts Multiple Members To Clean Up For 2022

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Overwatch League: Dallas Fuel Cuts Multiple Members To Clean Up For 2022

Dallas uses their Fuel to sear off the excess.

Rarely in 2021 did we see Dallas making substitutions for any role. Yet they were a team of nine members by the middle of the season. They’ve now made the predictable and realistic choice that some may be unhappy or confused with, which is to cut the players that weren’t contributing to the team as much. Seungsoo “Jecse” Lee, Jun-keun “Rapel” Kim, and everybody’s favorite hitscan Do-hyeon “Pine” Kim have been released from the roster. Along with this, Rapel announced his retirement from the league after a season with almost no showing.

Pine has expressed recently that he’s hoping to see everybody in Overwatch 2. So we can at least expect him to be in contact with a team or two that need a hitscan player of any kind like, well, the Dallas Fuel. Jecse will now be looking to leave Texas for the first time in almost two years. Or will he? His formerly occupied position on Houston Outlaws has been vacated yet again. This could open up the prospect of him returning to his 2020 team.

More Fuel to the fire

Along with the three players that were cut, they also officially released Ki-hyo “Xzi” Jung. In early 2021, he made the announcement that he’d have to take a break due to shoulder and neck injury. He has, however, announced that he will be playing in the upcoming season of North American Contenders with his new team Solaris. The Fuel has also released one of their Assistant Coaches Yong-jin “Yong” Kim, which was sadly unavoidable due to his mandatory military service in South Korea.

Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

These releases don’t tell us much at all about changes that the Dallas Fuel plans to make. So it will be all up to the off-season pick-ups to give them the push they need to top the best season they’ve had thus far.

Overwatch League: Dallas Fuel Cuts Multiple Members To Clean Up For 2022
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