Overwatch League: Coach of the Year Prospects

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Overwatch League: Coach of the Year Prospects

Coach of the Year: The builders of the teams.

While Moon’s team has a firm hold on the league again this year, there have been some creative and hardworking minds working behind the scenes, making teams greater than ever expected. Take for example Rush, former Head Coach of the Paris Eternal; who traveled to Dallas with dour of his players, and combined them with new Dallas acquisitions to form the biggest underdog team the Overwatch League has seen so far. If Dallas has seemed to fall off to you, then maybe look to Rui, the coach of the Chengdu Hunters. He is the same man who coached the 0-40 2018 Shanghai Dragons for most of their season.

The coaches who win championships are undoubtedly legends, but it’s possible that many of them had easier resources and players to work with than others. These are factors that must be considered when choosing a Coach of the Year.


After being unable to find success by conventional means, Rui broke the meta even harder than this year’s Dallas Fuel; refusing to even use GOATS back in 2019 ⁠— when it was taboo to play anything other than a variant of it. Rui knows his Chengdu Hunters team and players so well he’s been able to teach them whatever he wants to in a week; based on their individual strong points and still end with a second place finish in the Summer Showdown tournament. The difficult trek this man underwent to get to where he is now makes him one of the most admirable coaches the league has ever seen.

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Rush, like Rui, knows the strength of his players. And he's able to pick up on those strengths in other players very quickly. After only half a year with the team, Rush had a portion of his former squad teamed up with some new friends to take the first tournament win of the season. Growth is a huge factor in determining award winners. People’s minds are often focused on the rising names and not the consistently successful ones. Not only has Rush been able to train his team into all three stage tournaments so far this season, but he also adapted them to the meta, or most usually found a way around the meta, slightly altering playstyles and compositions to better fit his team.

Overwatch League: Coach of the Year Prospects
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