Overwatch League: Boston Uprising Signs Mikeyy

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Overwatch League: Boston Uprising Signs Mikeyy

Michael “mikeyy” Konicki joins Boston Uprising as the team’s main tank.

Boston Uprising announced the signing of American main tank player Michael “mikeyy” Konicki. He will replace Thomas “brussen” Brussen, who retired earlier this month.

Konicki played in Open Division with Skyfoxes and most recently in Overwatch Contenders with Noble. Since the beginning of his Overwatch career in November 2019, Konicki already won the North American Breakable Barriers tournaments and the Mayhem Winter Classic.

On Boston Uprising, Konicki will play alongside Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth and Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist, who recently joined the team. Konicki mainly plays Wrecking Ball, Orisa and Reinhardt. His hero pool is similar to the other main tank of the team, Bosworth, to the exception of Wrecking Ball. This addition brings more diversity to Boston Uprising’s tanking line to adapt to any kind of situation.

Overwatch League player Bosworth in a Boston Uprising jersey smiling

If Konicki is a main tank, he will most likely be the substitute for Bosworth, one of the team’s veterans. Bosworth has been with Boston Uprising since 2018, and his experience in the Overwatch League cannot compare to Konicki’s, who is making his first steps on the main stage. Moreover, Bosworth is the team’s shot caller, leading his teammates to win their matches.

Konicki and the entire Boston Uprising team will take part in the May Melee tournament, starting this Friday and streamed live on the Overwatch League’s YouTube channel.

Overwatch League: Boston Uprising Signs Mikeyy
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