Overwatch League: Ameng Takes Leave From Chengdu

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Overwatch League: Ameng Takes Leave From Chengdu

It’s a first for both player and team.

For the first time, the Chengdu Hunters and Ding “Ameng” Menghan will be apart. Ameng has been on the Hunters since the team was established, but now leaves Hu “Jinmu” Yi as the only original member to play for the team full time. While Ameng looks for a new team, and has a great chance of finding one, at the very least as a specialist, Chengdu gets put in a tough spot.

The Hunters are famous for their Wrecking Ball and Pharmercy composition, so what happens when you lose the best Wrecking Ball player in the world? It’s going to be hard for Chengdu to adapt, especially if Head Coach Xingrui “RUI” Wang plans to stay. His style that has worked for so long may crumble without one of the players it was built around. Maybe what this means now is a completely new look from the entire team.

This is unlikely to be the last player released from Chengdu. Their ten-player roster will be unnecessary in 5v5 Overwatch 2. It begs the question of whether Chengdu will bring their two-way players Xianyao “Yveltal” Li and Tianbin “LateYoung” Ma to the main roster, or be relegated completely. For Ameng’s future, as much as we love to watch him, he will probably become a Wrecking Ball specialist on a top Overwatch League team. With his experience on Orisa and some Reinhardt, he’s able to back up a starting Main Tank while also offering a certain value year-round.

Seeing Ameng’s name without a bright orange background will be unusual at first. But let’s all hope we see it more than expected in the future no matter what team he ends up with.

Overwatch League: Ameng Takes Leave From Chengdu
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