Overwatch League Announces Plans For 2020 Playoffs & Grand Finals

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Overwatch League Announces Plans For 2020 Playoffs & Grand Finals

The Overwatch League has announced their plans for the 2020 Playoffs and Grand Finals in September.

The 2020 season of the Overwatch League has been all about adapting to the state of the world currently. Three tournaments were introduced to replace the regular season, and the last tournament is rapidly approaching. Following the Countdown Cup, teams are organized in a bracket based on their seed from the normal season. Since the tournaments and playoffs will be held online, the teams will be split into the North America and Asia regions for consistency and quality.

Beginning on Sept. 3, the lowest-seeded teams in each region will face off in a single-elimination bracket to earn their spot against the big dogs. Those who successfully brawl through the ranks will earn a spot in the double-elimination bracket. The top-seeded teams will get their choice of opponent and starting map when the double-elimination bracket begins on Sept. 5. Only four teams get the chance to compete at the Grand Finals, and the top two teams from Asia and the top two teams from North America will face off in Asia.

Champions Will Rise

The Grand Finals is where the top Overwatch players compete for glory. This is the time when players can shine, and any team has the chance to lay claim to victory. As it stands, the most likely contenders for the Grand Finals are the Shanghai Dragons and Guangzhou Charge in Asia, and the Philadelphia Fusion and Paris Eternal in North America. The top teams of North America will travel to Asia for the Grand Finals, with no set date yet.

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The Overwatch League continues this weekend kicking off the Countdown Cup, the last tournament of the season. The next two weeks of matches will feature a new hero pool, but following that, it is free reign.

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