Overwatch League: 2-2-2 Role Lock Confirmed

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Overwatch League: 2-2-2 Role Lock Confirmed

According to a Tweet from Arran “Halo” Brown, the Overwatch League is going into a 2-2-2 role lock for Stage 4. The leak happened during an episode of Watchpoint that is supposed to air on July 18th. There had been rumors swirling as Fissure stated this would be the case after he retired. Additionally, Overwatch streamer xQc leaked details about the role lock during his latest stream. However, we now appear to have details on how it will play out during Stage 4.


We should have an official word later today and will keep you posted.

The Overwatch League returns for Stage 4 on July 25. The first game back will be between the Houston Outlaws and Paris Eternal.

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