Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0 – How To Fix

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Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0 – How To Fix

Are you getting the Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0? If so, let’s learn how to fix it.

Overwatch 2 players from a couple of years ago may remember that our favorite game was “pleagued” but the Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0. This was very annoying, and a lot of people had problems with it, but a “cure” was eventually found. Unfortunately, things are not looking good again because some people from the community reported that they are getting the same error. 

Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0 – How To Fix It

While it is true that most people are not 100% sure what’s causing the issue, we have an idea. From our tests, it is usually due to outdated rivers and specific server problems. We know that a lot of you are getting the Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0 error, so let’s see how to fix it.

Make sure the servers are up

One of the first things you should do if you want to fix the Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0 is to check whether the servers are up. Blizzard is not one of those companies known for having server issues, but there are instances where this could be the case. Some people are getting the Overwatch 2 General error 0xe00101b0 just because the servers are not working properly.

There are a lot of things you can do to check the status of the Overwatch 2 server. Some people like going to popular places like Reddit or Twitter. However, you can also find special third-party sites that will show the server’s activity.


Assuming there are no problems with the Ovewatch servers but you are still getting the Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0, you may want to check your SentryBay services. We won’t go into much detail about these things and what they do, so let’s just assume that they are extra security features. Unfortunately, they interfere with Overwatch 2 and could cause a problem on your end, resulting in the 0xe00101b0 Overwatch error.

The good news is that fixing this issue is not complicated. In fact, all you need to do is to go to the Start Button, use the search bar to type “services” and find the SentryBay Services. Once that happens, you can disable them and try to open the game again.

GPU & Windows Updates

Another thing that seems to be working just fine versus te 0xe00101b0 Overwatch 2 error is updating your drivers. When talking about drivers, you have to update both the GPU and Windows options. Updating just one of the two things will usually not be enough, so go through the specific steps to cover both.

Windows often adds a variety of different features, some of which may be causing the Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0. If that’s the case, updating to the latest version should be able to resolve them.

Closing any unnecessary aps

While we were browsing for solutions about the Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0, we found an interesting thread. According to some people, closing any unused apps while playing Overwatch can help you with this issue. Sometimes, you may be getting this error because you have many other gaming clients.

Citrix, for example, is an app that may cause this Overwatch 2 error. We’ve seen information about it on Blizzard’s forums, so check if you have it.

Final Thoughts

The bad news about the Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0 is that it is one of those things that can be caused by a variety of factors. What’s more, it is a case-by-case scenario, meaning that something that works for a given player may not work for someone else. 

If you are still getting the error after all of the steps we’ve mentioned, we suggest contacting Blizzard and asking for assistance. You can always use the forums to get more information, and the community will try to help you with everything they can.

Overwatch General error 0xe00101b0 – How To Fix
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