Overwatch 2 Shop Overview – Bundles, Skins, Prices & More

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Overwatch 2 Shop Overview – Bundles, Skins, Prices & More

The Overwatch 2 Shop is an interesting place where you can get a lot of things. Let’s see what it has to offer.

The Overwatch 2 shop is a place where you can go and find different in-game items, coins, and other kinds of things. With that said, Blizzard decided to make it a biot more interesting by adding new things on rotations. Consequently, the Overwatch shop today looks a lot more interesting because you can find new bundles, emotes, individual cosmetic items, and more.

Considering there is something new in the Overwatch shop every week, you should definitely check what’s available right now. Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you, so here’s what to expect in the middle of January.

Coins and Tokens

Ovewatch 2 Shop Overview - Bundles, Skins, Prices & More

One of the first things you will see when you visit the Overwatch Shop Today is different coins and Tokens. People can choose from the following options:

  • Overwatch 2 Starter Pack: Season 8 0 1000 Coins and Magma Moira – $9.99
  • Overwatch Coins  – $4.99 for 500 coins, $9.99 for 1000 coins, $19.99 for 2000 (+200 bonus) coins, $49.99 for 5000 (+700 coins), and $99.99 for 10K (+1600) coins.
  • Overwatch League Tokens – $5.99 for 100, $11.99 for 200, $23.99 for 400, $47.99 for 900 League Tokens.
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Overwatch 2 shop – Gear

Besides those things, you can also get different gear. The Overwatch 2 Shop will allow you to get League merchandise, as well as other types of items. This includes shirts, hoodies, toys, hats, and more.

Overwatch Shop – Seasonal Packs

Ovewatch 2 Shop Overview - Bundles, Skins, Prices & More

At the time of writing, we are in the middle of Overwatch 2 Season 8, so the bundles and things you can get are related to this season. The list consists of intriguing options, such as the Hero Collection, Complete Hero Collection, Battle Pass, Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle, Invasion Bundle, and Battle Pass Tier Skip.

Overwatch Shop Today- Features Items

Ovewatch 2 Shop Overview - Bundles, Skins, Prices & More

Some of the things that are probably more interesting than the rest in the Overwatch 2 Shop are the Featured items. Right now, you can get the following alternatives:

  • Mythos Mega Bundle for 2800 coins – It contains the Great Tengu for Hanzo and Storm Rider for Ashe.
  • Hanzo Great Tengu – 1900 coins (Legendary Skin)
  • Ashe Storm Rider – 1900 coins (Legendary Skin)
  • Kabuki Ramattra Bundle – 1500 coins 
  • Demon Genji Bundle – 1500 coins 
  • Peppermint Bark Brigitte Bundle – 1000 coins 
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