Overwatch: Bazzi From Hangzhou Spark Retires

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Overwatch: Bazzi From Hangzhou Spark Retires

Hangzhou Spark DPS player Jun-Ki “Bazzi” Park retires from competitive Overwatch.

Overwatch League team Hangzhou Spark announces the retirement of their hitscan player Jun-Ki “Bazzi” Park.

Bazzi was Hangzhou’s hitscan specialist since the team's creation

Park began his Overwatch career in Contenders with Seven and Bilibili Gaming. He showed a great skill level and precise aiming on Widowmaker, often popping off during his games. He also plays Doomfist and Tracer, but still specializes in hitscan heroes.

Park joined Hangzhou Spark at the creation of the team, back in 2018. He helped the Spark secure the 4th place of the Overwatch League 2019, leaving the podium to all-stars teams New York Excelsior, Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock.

Bazzi sits behind the monitor with his team jersey and headset on

Park’s position in Hangzhou Spark’s roster was unfortunately not unique, as he shared the same hero pool as Kyeong-bo “GodsB” Kim. As the current state of Overwatch metas does not favour double hitscan team composition, and Kim took the hitscan place in Hangzhou Spark’s starting six. The Overwatch League 2020 Season does not have room for two Widowmaker main players in a team. This led to the decision of Jun-Ki “Bazzi” Park to retire from competitive Overwatch.

Will Bazzi switch from Overwatch to Valorant?

In Overwatch, Park mainly played hitscan heroes, such as Widowmaker and McCree. On his stream, he plays Valorant several hours per day, having fun and using his hitscan abilities. As many other Overwatch professionals players are leaving the game for Valorant, there are rumors about Park wanting to play Valorant at a higher level. However, the player didn’t announce anything regarding his future in esport as of today.

Overwatch: Bazzi From Hangzhou Spark Retires
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