Overwatch 2’s New Push Map Is Set In Portugal

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Overwatch 2’s New Push Map Is Set In Portugal

Overwatch 2's new map is in the vibrant city of Esperanča, Portugal.

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With the sequel's first season on the horizon, Blizzard has given us a Roadmap to let us know of future plans surrounding the well-known title. This came with the news of exciting Battlepass perks, the trailer for the new support  hero Kiriko, as well as a new map that long-time Overwatch fans are going to love.

Overwatch's twitter account revealed the feature trailer for Esperanča, Portugal not so long ago, showing off the streets that were heavily inspired by the port city's rich culture.

Overwatch's Portugal comes as the latest in the highly anticipated roster of new maps in Blizzard's sequel. Other maps that are confirmed to come are set in New York City, Toronto, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Gothenburg, Monte Carlo, and India. The wide array of set battle maps serve the main theme of the game, emphasizing how this international group of heroes will be needed in more places than ever before!

Esperanča will be a Push map, an exciting game mode fans can look forward to that has both teams competing over a friendly robot that pushes the payload to the opponent's base. Push is a welcome addition to the Overwatch play pool that has seen much approval in the game's fanbase since it was available for play in Overwatch 2's open beta. And the ‘droid's personality is definitely the cherry on top!

An Overwatch 2 image of the Push gamemode with Clive the Robot and Tracer in the foreground

Esperanca's map design and architecture seems to focus on flanking. Central squares, open streets, and rooms that connect the tight alleyways and backstreets invite player creativity. Its lack of flat roofs compared to the Rio de Janeiro map offers less offensive opportunities for skyborne heroes, but the same cannot be said for close quarter fighters. Through verdant courtyards, you'll find many ways to surprise and disrupt using the corners of Esperanča's romanesque stonework. It's open balconies also offer wide sights for snipers to pick off their targets.

The city's subtle blend of futuristic and prominently cultural designs also hide fun locales. Soon, players may pass through colorful pastry shops, bakeries, and even little karaoke bars. City circles lines with luxurious cars, parked transit line buses beside pombaline facades, and elegant Portugese manors grace the locales that seek to make a world traveler out of its visitors.

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Fans of the game are keen to find any easter eggs that may allude to the game's heroes and overarching plot. Portugal, with all its maritime ports, may serve a strategic purpose in the in-game conflicts to come. It may even be the home to a new character down the line. Overwatch's devoted developers have always kept a habit of including as much diversity as they could in the hero roster. If one thing is for sure, it's that the golden view of Esperanča yellow-tiled roofs from up above is undeniably beautiful.

Many fans see the events that take place around the first Overwatch game as a sort of lead up to something larger. Already the first trailer for the sequel showed several heroes of the game's roster reuniting in France to fight off the Null Sector as one. This has left many of the supporters of the franchise wanting for more story. To see how all the action culminates into a worldwide conflict in the shadow of the last omnic crisis. Esperanča adds to the suspenseful wait by expanding the game's world.. and giving the players another playground to duke it out.

We're calling in the cavalry on the colorful streets of Esperanča once Overwatch 2 releases on October 4, 2022 for PS4/5, XBOX One/X/S, PC, and Stadia.

Overwatch 2’s New Push Map Is Set In Portugal
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